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New Zealand Court Reportedly Threatens to Seize Property Not Paying Fine for COVID-19 Testing “Non-Compliance”


According to an image circulating on social media, a New Zealand court has threatened to seize a citizen’s property for alleged “non-compliance” with COVID-19 testing.

If confirmed, it’s another gross injustice and violation of basic human rights of another formerly free, Western-style “democracy.”

*Source – Natural News*

The alleged document states if you don’t pay or arrange payment the Court can:

  • Issue a warrant for your arrest
  • Suspend your driver’s license
  • Seize and sell your property, or take money from your income or bank account
  • Report your overdue fine as part of your credit reference check – meaning you may or may not be able to get a loan, credit card or hire purchase
  • Restrict your ability to sell your property
  • Stop you from travelling overseas

The “Notice of Court Fine” lists a $330.00 fine with $102.00 added if enforcement action is taken.

Natural News stated:

The fines were first imposed by the New Zealand Ministry of Health chief Caroline McElnay, who claimed it was necessary to move from monitoring for compliance to enforcement in order to keep the virus from spreading or showing up at all.

The New Zealand Herald reported the first fines to non-compliance with COVID-19 testing requirements:

The first fines for border workers who have not complied with Covid-19 testing requirements have been issued.

The Ministry of Health said 18 infringement notices with fines of $300 had been dished out.

Routine Covid-19 testing has been mandatory for workers in specific roles at New Zealand’s sea and air borders and at MIQ facilities since August 2020.


The ministry’s director of public health Caroline McElnay said moving from monitoring to enforcement was a precautionary but necessary approach to keep Covid-19 out of the community.

The fines came after many attempts to contact the workers to encourage them to comply, McElnay said, including providing testing opportunities, reminders, and issuing formal warning letters.

As the Daily Exposé explains, the list of unalienable rights stricken by failing to obey the state makes New Zealand resemble the Chinese social-credit system model.

For not taking a test, for not being obedient to the state, a person could lose the right to drive, travel, obtain a credit card or loan and /or may be restricted in selling property.  In essence, if a person does not obey, they risk having fewer rights. This has the look and feel of a Chinese-style social credit system.

Carol Sakey, from Wake Up New Zealand, believes the Chinese Communist Social Credit System is already operating in New Zealand.

“The Communist Chinese Regine are ‘anti-human rights’, atheist and opposed to Christianity.  Noticeably these are similar characteristics as to Ardern’s Marxist Socialist politically ideology,” Sakey said last year.

It’s significant that Ardern was schooled at the World Economic Forum’s, or Klaus Schwab’s, Forum of Young Global Leaders.

Sakey continued: “Since Jacinda Ardern became Prime Minister of New Zealand our human rights, civil liberties, freedoms have become seriously eroded and our democratic rights targeted.  It is because of this I believe that New Zealand has become fertile land to seed, grow the Communist Chinese Credit System.”

Watch Carol Sakey from Wake Up New Zealand in this Rumble video:

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