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Lori Lightfoot Openly BRIBING Chicago Residents to Get COVID-19 Vaccine


Since when was bribing in government ever consider a good thing?

Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot is openly bribing her citizens to get the jab.

She took a picture of herself next to cash that spelled: “GET VAX’D”

People who get the jab could potentially win a pile of cash.

Here’s a thought:

If you have to bribe people to do something, it’s typically not something worth doing.

Can you think of a single example when that isn’t the case?!

Here’s the best part:

People all over social media started photoshopping Lori’s message.

These memes started going viral and people are ridiculing this bribing scheme.

Some of the best ones are below:

Can you imagine a Republican trying to bribe their constituents?

First, it would never happen…

Second, the media would be all over it in a heartbeat!

It appears the only major media outlet is the Daily Mail:

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been mocked mercilessly for posting a bizarre photo of herself with cash on the floor that read, ‘Get Vax’d’ on Twitter on Thursday night as a way to promote the city’s new vaccine campaign.

The strange photo, posted on Twitter, shows Lightfoot standing next to the cash totaling $826 with the caption: ‘The message is clear. Get vaccinated from the comfort of your home and this stack could be yours.’

The ‘Get Vax’d’ message was comprised of 41 $20 bills, a $5 bill, and a $1 bill for the apostrophe.

The odd post from the mayor is meant to encourage Chicago residents to call the city’s Department of Health to make an at-home appointment for a vaccine shot and be entered into a raffle to win the cash.

However, the post drew immediate criticism online as people mocked the cash incentive for the vaccine and likened Lightfoot’s appearance in the photo to that of a comic book villain.

One Twitter user with the name Evan V was among the many who shared a photo of Lightfoot photoshopped into the Batman villain, The Riddler, with the cash prize instead spelling out’ Get The Bat.’

Many online were also quick to point out the bizarre amount for the cash prize, mocking the single dollar bill used as an apostrophe in Lightfoot’s photo.

A Twitter user with the handle MoralityCode wrote, ‘Lori, I have to ask… why the one random dollar bill?’

Another Twitter user with the name Mister Haledaddy expressed his bewilderment at how the odd cash-prize campaign came to be, writing:’ Somebody thought this was a good idea. Then, other people thought it was too. Then they actually did it. Then they looked at their product and again thought this was a great idea. Then they published it. This right here is an obvious case of group think right?’

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Another user with the name Edonk also mocked the Lightfoot’s post, tweeting, ‘This is the most bizarre way to attempt to get ppl vaccinated. ”This stack.”

What do you think of Lori Lightfoot’s campaign?

Is it legal?

Is it enticing?

Will it work?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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