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US Embassy Orders Employees To Evacuate From Ukraine


The United States Department of State has just ordered family members of U.S. Embassy personnel to evacuate Ukraine by Monday.

The order from the State Department comes around the same time the United States issued a massive amount of ammunition to Ukraine Defense Forces.

According to the US Embassy, the ammunition provided is over 200,000 pounds of “lethal aid” to help Ukrainian forces protect their borders from any sign of encroachment from Russian troops.

Hours after the United States provided Ukraine with lethal aid, Russia landed fighter jets in Belarus which has even caused more tension between Ukraine and Russia.

Fox News added these details to the story:

The State Department has ordered families of U.S. Embassy personnel in Ukraine to begin evacuating the country as soon as Monday, U.S. officials tell Fox News.

Next week, the State Department is also expected to encourage Americans to begin leaving Ukraine by commercial flights, “while those are still available,” one official said.

Moscow has massed tens of thousands of troops at the border with Ukraine, leading to fears of an invasion.

Late Friday night, the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine announced the first shipment of ammunition had arrived as directed by President Biden.

U.S. officials say small arms ammunition constitute the bulk of the 200,000 pounds of what the State Department is calling lethal aid – needed by Ukrainian soldiers on the front lines. U.S. officials also tell Fox that Javelin anti-tank missiles are expected to arrive early next week from the Baltic states and from U.S. military stockpiles.

The Guardian got the scoop too:

The US embassy in Ukraine has requested the evacuation of all non-essential staff amid increasing fears of an imminent Russian invasion and the arrival overnight of arms deliveries promised by President Joe Biden, according to a CNN report.

US evacuations are likely to start “as early as next week”, the US cable news network said, citing a source close to the Ukrainian government. It marks the embassy’s shift in focus towards “helping Ukraine bolster its defences in the face of growing Russian aggression”.

The embassy in Kyiv also said on Twitter that the first batch of fresh US assistance had arrived in Ukraine, which includes weaponry described as “200,000 pounds of lethal aid, including ammunition for the frontline defenders of Ukraine”.

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It follows Biden’s assertion on Wednesday in a White House address that he now expected the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, to “move in” and invade Ukraine, in an act that would mean large-scale war returning to continental Europe for the first time in a generation.

Russia wasn’t pushing any boundaries while Trump was president.

Putin previously annexed a territory of Ukraine called Crimea while Obama was President and now that Biden is at the helm he smells blood in the water.

It’s awfully funny though Biden is going all out to protect Ukraine but just watched Afghanistan fall to the Taliban.

Maybe it’s because Hunter Biden did some major businesses dealing in Ukraine with a gas company called Burisma.

The Biden connection to Ukraine runs deep and that’s not even a secret, hopefully, no wars arise over this situation though because a United States deployment of troops to Ukraine could start an all-out nuclear war in minutes.


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