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Joe Biden: “Even Dr. King’s assassination did not have the impact George Floyd did”



He actually said the quiet part out loud.

What better way to commemorate and celebrate Martin Luther King than by bashing him?

Cause that’s exactly what Joe Biden did.

He appeared to say that George Floyd is greater than MLK.


Here’s specifically what Biden said:

Even Dr. King’s assassination did not have the impact George Floyd did.

In other words, Biden believes that George Floyd is MORE IMPORTANT to civil rights than Martin Luther King, Jr.

I’d suggest that Biden take a history lesson…

…but I’m afraid he wouldn’t remember it.

Listen to Biden’s insulting sentiment below:

Though most media outlets are not reporting on this story, we do have more details.

According to mrcTV:

As millions of Americans – black, white, and otherwise – take a moment Monday to celebrate the life of one of history’s most notable human rights champions in history, it’s important to remember that even the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. pales in comparison with that of Minnesota man George Floyd, who died at the hands of a white cop.

Or, at least, that’s according to President Joe Biden – who, in all fairness, is so addlebrained he likely thinks he was there when MLK was shot and killed.

You know, right after getting back from South African where he was arrested with Nelson Mandela.

Biden claimed in … that MLK’s murder “did not have the worldwide impact that George Floyd’s death did,” openly suggesting that a drug-addicted felon’s death, which was not proven to be racially motivated and was afterwards met with violent and destructive protests resulting in the loss of a dozen innocent lives and billions of dollars’ worth of damage to both public and private property, was a bigger deal than the 1968 targeted assassination of one of the greatest peaceful civil rights leaders of all time.

It’s one thing to believe something that crazy.

But how could you possibly THINK of even saying that on Martin Luther King Day?

Perhaps Joe Biden was talking about the 500+ riots in Floyd’s name.

Those riots cost dozens of lives and over $1 billion in damage.

In case you’ve forgotten, USA Today reported:

Democrats may have hoped that the national reckoning on race would be a favorable issue for 2020. But the street violence has overwhelmed their reform message. CNN’s Don Lemon bemoaned the fact that the rioting is “showing up in the polling” and “showing up in focus groups.” He said the “rioting has to stop” because “it is the only thing right now that is sticking.”

Lemon offered no evidence to back up his claim about polls and focus groups, but other reports support it. The Civiqs tracking poll is particularly interesting for understanding the dynamics at play. Net approval for the Black Lives Matter movement peaked back on June 3 and has fallen sharply since. This was just over a week after George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, when riots had begun to sweep major cities. Among whites, net approval is already negative and headed downward. And while Democrats and Republicans are as polarized on the issue as one would expect, white Independents have shown a dramatic falloff in BLM support, going from a net 24% in early June to net 3% now, which is lower than before Floyd was killed. Of course BLM is not synonymous with rioting, but this trend may show the extent to which the issues have been conflated in the public mind.

“Defund the police” has lost its luster as a political issue, if it ever really had any. Some cities have cut police budgets and reallocated funds to social programs, but positive buzz about this on the national level has vanished. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has come out against defunding, while imaginatively charging that President Trump supports it. This may be a response to poor polling on the issue even among African Americans and Trump’s solid backing from police unions. Meanwhile the “defund the police” mural that was painted on 16th Street near the White House with great fanfare in June quietly vanished over two weeks ago.

This statement by Biden proves that he is out of touch with history.

He is out of touch with reality.

And most alarmingly, Biden is out of touch with the American people.

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