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WATCH: Psaki Hit With List Of Biden’s Massive Failures


To say that things are in rough shape is an understatement of massive proportions.

Biden and his administration are utterly failing on every single front including but not limited to: economics, foreign policy, Covid-19, race relations, and national security.

When faced with the obvious reality that this administration will be remembered as a train wreck, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki responds by citing empty statistics.

It really doesn’t matter that we are recording historically low unemployment because the way in which that number is calculated is unreliable at best and lends itself to the wide ranging manipulation of the facts.

Unemployment doesn’t matter when you aren’t counting the number of people who have given up looking for jobs, and with a record 4.5 million resigning from their jobs in a single month it’s hard to see where Psaki’s optimism lies.

200 million vaccinated individuals doesn’t matter either if the vaccine has proven largely incapable of preventing transmission of the virus.

I will give credit where credit is due though; Jen Psaki is an excellent press secretary, she does an excellent job of attempting to deflect any and all serious concerns with this current administration.

She rattles off statistical figures which would impress the uninitiated, but to those paying attention and educated in such matters the statistics she cites are hollow and meaningless.

Take a look at her response when faced with the unrelenting reality of the current administration’s failures:

Western Journal comments on her deflection:

Psaki didn’t even bother coming up with a counter to record inflation — it was up 7 percent last month compared to the year before, the highest spike since 1982 — or a record number of COVID infections when Biden had run his presidential campaign on shutting the disease down cold.

This is the mouthpiece of the White House. A reporter spent an entire minute reading off the failures of the Biden administration. 


Even left-wing media outlets are now critical of the current administration according to Fox News:

Washington Post columnist David Ignatius had some tough words for President Biden as his administration was hit with a series of setbacks stalling his agenda.

“President Biden hit a political wall this week in his push for voting rights legislation, just as he did last year in trying to pass his Build Back Better spending package,” Ignatius began his column on Thursday. “It’s time for Biden to ask himself why he’s in this morass.”


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