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Forget Defund The Police: Democrat Wants To Abolish Police, Prisons, and ICE!


There should be an alarm that goes off whenever the left reaches a new low.

Because truthfully we know when the right goes too far but what about the left?

At what point do we stop and say: ok this is enough, the left has gone too far, this is where we draw the line?

Communism? Trans-bathrooms? Incorrect pronouns are hate speech? Black Lives Matter forming a militia? Defund the police?

So far none of those are considered too far and neither is this next one.

A Democrat committee member wants to abolish the police, prisons, and get rid of ICE.

Here’s Fox News with the full story:

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s (DCCC) new email strategist supported the “abolition” of police and said that abolishing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is her “life’s mission.”

RaeAnn Ensworth was recently hired by the DCCC to serve as an email and SMS strategist starting next month, but the new hire has posted several disparaging tweets about law enforcement, including calling for the “abolition” of police.

“To clarify: I did originally support 8Can’tWait because I didn’t do the research when I originally shared it,” Ensworth wrote in June of last year of police reform advocacy group 8Can’tWait. “I assumed 8Can’tWait would divert funding from the police. It doesn’t, in fact it ADDS money to their budget.”

“I have always supported abolition,” she continued.

In another tweet last September, Ensworth said that Google’s end-of-year search results video for her would include a query on how to “burn down a police station.”

“Google always does that video ‘This year you asked…’ and then put top Google results,” Ensworth tweeted. “It’s going to be like ’This year you asked ‘How to burn down a police station?’”

Why don’t you go burn down Nanci Pelosi’s home and leave the police alone you moron!

Can you imagine?

Wanting to burn down a police station that is set up to protect and service its community.

I mean you’re talking about people who risk their lives every day to serve their cities and towns.

People with families, hopes, and dreams.

Nope, let’s burn their place of work down!

So what does Ensworth do if she is in trouble?

Well here’s her answer:

Ensworth also claimed on social media in August 2020 that police do not support the communities they are sworn to protect and serve and used the acronym ACAB — which stands for “All Cops Are Bastards” — when referring to police in an October 2021 post.

Additionally, the new Democratic hire called for the abolition of prisons in July of last year and tweeted that she would make it her “life’s mission to abolish ICE” in November 2019.

In another tweet from last August, Ensworth said a garbageman is more deserving of “dress[ing] like a fake general” than police, saying they “actually serve their community unlike the police.”

Who raised these people to talk like this?

You can just imagine in her head how low she thinks of garbageman that she would say something like this.

I was tough in school that police officers are there to help before the mainstream liberal media made them out to be monsters.

The worst part is this woman is now in government.

She is actually working to further the cause of the Democrat party.

The fact that she even got a job for saying these things is proof that this is how the Democrat party feels.

This is the present and future of the Democrat party.

It’s scary, to say the least.

If you leave it up to liberals they’ll get rid of police, prisons, and ICE.

Then you’ll have literal CHAOS in the streets like you did when the Soviet Union collapsed.

Here’s how Twitter is responding:

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First the DCCC then the school board, hospitals, and soon everywhere!

You won’t be able to escape liberal policies if we keep letting these ridiculous thoughts spread.

What’s worse is when we allow the government to hire these people.

I don’t remember voting for her.


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