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Professor Paul Hunter: Covid-19 Will Become Just Like The Common Cold


Ever since I started writing for WeLoveTrump and our sister site Truthlion, I have found myself saying this quite a bit:

We were right….

Covid-19 is little more than a common cold, and it should be treated as such. I have it right now and I can tell you one thing: I have had massages that pained me more than this.

Perhaps more research should have been done into why those who died or experienced extreme complications did so rather than just lying about the lethality of the virus because this virus has an over 99% survivability rate…

Not to mention the symptoms that the vast majority of people will experience aren’t even all that severe.

My friends whom I am with right now have received a double dose of the ‘vaccine‘ and one is definitely sicker than I am right now.

Make no mistake, he is not deathly sick or anything, but he has more severe symptoms that are more in line with a common cold, and my symptoms are more in line with something like a seasonal allergy.

I have not taken any medicine—not even a Tylenol, and I sure as hell am not vaccinated, yet my symptoms are less severe than his.

Not only can vaccinated people contract and spread Covid, but the symptoms they experience can definitely be worse than those who are unvaccinated and I am living proof of this.

We recently reported that Biden has pretty much given up on the Covid-19 response….

There will be no federal response to Covid-19 now, it is up to the states, and it should have always been this way.

The CDC just changed the number of days to quarantine from 10 to 5, and now we have this U.K. professor coming out to say that Covid can and should be treated as we treat the common cold….

In other words, we are seeing the final collapse of this entire narrative, the headlines are shifting and it won’t be too long now before the entire house of cards comes crumbling down.

Government cannot protect people from a virus, and this virus was not even all that serious….

The lesson to be drawn from all this is that the state is evil. Not only are they the root cause of this virus spreading in the first place, but their response to it was worse than the virus they created.

Fauci should be thrown in prison, and along with most politicians should be tried for crimes against humanity and subsequently executed for this entire situation—there can be no other way.

The events of the last 2 years should be a wakeup call—not against this party or that party, or this person or that person, but rather as an indictment of the nation-state model as a whole—Abolish the state, live free or die.

Here’s what people are currently saying:

Professor Hunter’s words found their way into The Epoch Times:

“We’re not going to be doing daily reporting on cases of the different causes of the common cold going forward, of which COVID is one,” he said, adding that restrictions could be scaled back once the Omicron variant has been dealt with, possibly after Easter.

Hunter said: “We’re going to have to let people who are positive go about their normal lives as they would do with any other cold.

He said the self-isolation rules will have to be relaxed at some point, because “this is a disease that’s not going away.”

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Metro.UK featured more of the professor’s comments:

He added Covid-19 ‘will become effectively just another cause of the common cold’.

‘We know that because Covid is only one virus of a family of viruses of coronaviruses and we see the other coronaviruses through new variants, typically every year or so,’ Professor Hunter said.


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