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STORY REVISITED: Pope Francis Is Dying, Not Long To Live [Major Update]


About a week ago, we brought you this story:

NEW REPORT: Pope Francis Is Dying, Not Long To Live

I’ve reprinting that report below so you can read it again because it just became VERY relevant today!

More on that in a minute.

But I wanted to take this moment to remind you that we don’t publish “fluff” or “hype” here at WeLoveTrump.

We do honest reporting and it looks like we do a pretty good job of it!

First, here is the original report we brought you about a week ago, and then scroll down for the major update:

Sources inside the Vatican are claiming something pretty big…

According to the secretary for a senior level Cardinal, Pope Francis is dying, and is not expected to live past 2022.

Sources claim the 84 year old Pope reportedly had to undergo a procedure for colon surgery, and spent upwards of 10 days recovering inside a hospital located in Rome.

There is also talk that Rome is preparing for a conclave to appoint the Pope’s successor once the time comes.

We currently have no other information, but other news sources have reported that pope Francis is issuing a modification to make sure that the sexual abuses which plague the Catholic Church are punished.

It is unclear how bad his heath is at this point, but sources inside the Vatican seem to paint a grim picture.

People seemed to have mixed reactions to the news:

Newsmax reports:

In the past few days, I have spoken to the secretary of one of the most powerful Vatican Cardinals. He shared with me some important revelations for Catholics and non-Catholics. First, he said plainly, “Pope Francis is dying.

At 84, it has long been viewed that the Holy Father is physically and perhaps mentally not well.

According to Vatican News, the pope is updating norms on serious ecclesiastical crimes, indicating that he is still functioning:

The new norms incorporate numerous normative measures of various kinds issued in previous years, especially since 2016.

These include documents – such as the motu proprios Come una madre amorevole and Vos estis lux mundi, and the two rescripts of December 2019 – aimed at a more secure and incisive juridical protection of the Church’s greatest assets: the faith; the sanctity of the sacraments; and the lives of the weakest persons, who have limited means of protection: minors and adults with habitual imperfect use of reason.

And now the major update breaking just today:

Announced Live On TV: Is The Pope Dead?

It was just announced on live TV on a British channel called ITV News that Pope Francis was dead.

The newscaster appeared to be reading off notecards or a teleprompter and caught herself after making the announcement, correcting herself to say it wasn’t true.

But it begs the question: how did it get in the teleprompter?

Loaded prematurely?

Watch these clips and hear it for yourself:

Dead or not, he sure doesn’t look good in those videos, does he?

This next Tweet it not necessarily something I believe because I haven’t seen the evidence for it yet, but can you imagine?

Here’s what @billko32 had to say on Twitter about the news:

TMZ quickly reported the Pope is not, in fact, dead but that it was just a mistake by the newscaster:

Francis’ Christmas day remarks were being recapped Saturday by ITV broadcaster Kylie Pentelow, who was plugging along nicely … until a little slip at the end when she said, “His death was announced …”

Pentelow caught herself before she said anything more, and then apologized briefly before doing a hard pause and moving on to the next story.

There didn’t seem to be any explanation as to why she said that — but the obvious answer seems to be that she was reading off of a teleprompter, which must’ve said something to that effect. Indeed, a true Ron Burgundy moment in real-time.

Of course, the Pope isn’t dead — he’s alive and kicking. And as for what he had to say about ‘rona during his speech at the Vatican … it was all about praying the pandemic away, and lamenting those who’ve suffered through the era of Covid.

He spoke from a balcony looking down onto St. Peter’s Square … which was filled with just a fraction of the crowd it might normally draw.

I suppose we will find out in the near future if it was a “mistake” or if it was just mistakenly announced prematurely….

Stay tuned!

And leave your comments below about your thoughts about this Pope:  man of God or evil Jesuit anti-Christ fraud?


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