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Announced Live On TV: Is The Pope Dead?


It was just announced on live TV on a British channel called ITV News that Pope Francis was dead.

The newscaster appeared to be reading off notecards or a teleprompter and caught herself after making the announcement, correcting herself to say it wasn’t true.

But it begs the question: how did it get in the teleprompter?

Loaded prematurely?

Watch these clips and hear it for yourself:

Dead or not, he sure doesn’t look good in those videos, does he?

This next Tweet it not necessarily something I believe because I haven’t seen the evidence for it yet, but can you imagine?

Here’s what @billko32 had to say on Twitter about the news:

TMZ quickly reported the Pope is not, in fact, dead but that it was just a mistake by the newscaster:

Francis’ Christmas day remarks were being recapped Saturday by ITV broadcaster Kylie Pentelow, who was plugging along nicely … until a little slip at the end when she said, “His death was announced …”

Pentelow caught herself before she said anything more, and then apologized briefly before doing a hard pause and moving on to the next story.

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There didn’t seem to be any explanation as to why she said that — but the obvious answer seems to be that she was reading off of a teleprompter, which must’ve said something to that effect. Indeed, a true Ron Burgundy moment in real-time.

Of course, the Pope isn’t dead — he’s alive and kicking. And as for what he had to say about ‘rona during his speech at the Vatican … it was all about praying the pandemic away, and lamenting those who’ve suffered through the era of Covid.

He spoke from a balcony looking down onto St. Peter’s Square … which was filled with just a fraction of the crowd it might normally draw.

I suppose we will find out in the near future if it was a “mistake” or if it was just mistakenly announced prematurely….

Stay tuned!

And leave your comments below about your thoughts about this Pope:  man of God or evil Jesuit anti-Christ fraud?


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