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Masks At Home And Shun The Unvaxxed: Christmas Message


If I had a dollar for every time the left did something outrageous or hit a new low I would surpass Elon Musk’s net worth by a mile.

You would think that at a time when inflation is stopping Americans from buying more than one Christmas gift that at least around the holidays the left would ease off the Covid machine.

Yeah, no.

If anything liberals are doubling down on their Covid fiasco this Christmas.

State and city officials around the country are recommending people: wear masks at home, shun unvaccinated relatives, or cancel Christmas altogether!

Here’s Fox News with the full scoop:

State and city governments are warning Americans to downsize their Christmas gatherings, mask up around family members they don’t live with and even shun their unvaccinated relatives just days before the holiday, as cases of the omicron COVID-19 variant spike nationwide.

Some are even imploring citizens to cancel their gatherings altogether.

“The safest option is to gather in-person only with members of your household and to celebrate virtually with other family and friends,” Los Angeles County said in its winter holiday guidance. The county is also telling people to avoid singing indoors, “wear a mask when gathering indoors” and to set tables grouping only people from the same household.

Louisiana’s government issued similar guidance, telling people to “mask indoors when not with your everyday household.” Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser recommended the same, telling people to “wear masks indoors, even at small gatherings.”

Chicago says that “[f]ully vaccinated people can gather indoors with others who have been fully vaccinated without restrictions” while the unvaccinated “should consider not attending gatherings over the holidays.”

But Philadelphia Health Commissioner Cheryl Bettigole said nobody should be gathering for Christmas, regardless of vaccination status.

“Please do not hold or attend holiday parties indoors, it’s just too dangerous,” she said.

I guess when you say it with a ‘please’ people are more motivated to listen.

Remember when Dems said that they are not canceling Christmas and it’s just a conspiracy from the right.

What about now when you are LITERALLY canceling Christmas!

It’s just too dangerous I guess to celebrate the birth of our savior.

I guess it’s a choice this year not to gather in celebration of Christ’s birth.

That’s what Hitler should have done in the 1940s: “look guys it’s just too dangerous to be Jewish right now, please don’t go to synagogues.”

Here’s the rest of the story:

Nearby Delaware County, Pennsylvania, was just as stern.

“Limit in-person holiday gatherings to only people you live with or limit to a small group of individuals with whom you are regularly in contact,” its newest guidance says.

California, meanwhile, says everyone should “[k]eep gatherings small,” but “[i]f everyone at an indoor gathering is vaccinated, masks are optional.” Among unvaccinated guests, the state recommends gatherings that are only “short, and outdoors” with mask-wearing.

Illinois recommends social-distancing and small groups for holiday gatherings and that people “[c]onsider wearing a well-fitted mask when indoors, even if fully vaccinated.”

Santa Cruz County in California is reminding people to “[r]emember to always wear a mask whenever indoors with persons from outside your household and ask guests to do the same.” In fact, the county reinstated a mandate for mask-wearing in private homes with members of other households last month.

U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy earlier this month issued a warning of a growing youth mental health crisis. And new government data, analyzed by the group Families Against Fentanyl, shows overdoses of the drug are now the leading cause of death among people between 18 and 45 – above COVID-19, car accidents and any other cause of death.

Did you get that last part?

Drug overdose caused by a spike in mental health is now the leading cause of deaths between 18 and 45.

Let me just go over that again.

Covid is NOT the leading cause of death for people between 18 and 45.

Drug overdose IS because people are literally getting SICK of wearing masks, getting vaccinated, and put into a sense o fear every single hour by the news media.

Keeping Americans safe is actually not keeping Americans safe.

But do liberals address this? Nope.

They want you to wear masks indoors even around your family because who cares if you don’t see your uncles, aunts, and cousins smile or laugh, those facial attributes are overrated anyway, just like freedom of speech.

The worst part is they want you to literally SHUN those family members who are unvaccinated.

Ignore family members who have been there for you for decades because they chose not to get jabbed three, four times a year.

Here’s how the web is reacting:

What a joke.

Christmas is literally a holiday of giving, acceptance, grace, forgiveness, mercy, and of course love.

These people have none of that in their hearts.

They are ruthless in their grab for power.

We Love Trump is wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season.

Gather with family if that is your choice, get vaccinated if that is your choice, and enjoy your life.

Don’t let these agents of mediocrity control your traditions and family.


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