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WATCH: CNN Wants Everyone To Wear Masks And Test For COVID On Christmas


Fear sells, but who’s buying?

This line from the classic Megadeth song fits the current state of affairs at CNN perfectly. The network continues to peddle fear, but from what I see most people no longer care.

In fact, the vast majority of sane people no longer care.

There will always be the freaks who have needle and mask emoji’s as a part of their Twitter display names, but those hypochondriacs are few and far in between—they are not a majority of Americans.

These people have a mental disorder and will fall in line with whatever the government and the television tells them—they’re essentially peddling liberal jingoism.

Neocon’s displayed their jingoism in 2003 during the fraudulent Iraq war, and ardent liberals are now displaying it during our historic brush with medial tyranny.

It’s the same type of behavior on both ends of the political spectrum, and the intended objectives are exactly the same— namely an expansion of the state.

The mainstream media is colluding with the government much in the same way they did during 2003 by acting as a mouthpiece for the state in order to manufacture consent for the state’s immorality and ineptitude:

Fox News highlights some of the comments from the segment:

“Should we be getting together with our vaccinated loved ones or do you not recommend it?” Camerota asked.

“I would recommend that we hang our stockings with care. I think we have to be careful. If we’re all going to get together, we should all be vaccinated and preferentially boosted. We should wear our masks if we’re uncertain,” Dr. Schaffer said.


Zero Hedge reminds us:

Earlier in the year, Schaffner took to CNN to express his horror at Americans having fun at football games, complaining that they were “breathing too vigorously.”

Schaffner declared “People are cheering and enthusiastic, exhaling with vigor; if there are people infected, they can infect people around them … Nobody was wearing a mask … I’d be very surprised if we didn’t have outbreaks.”


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