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U.S Government COVERUP Coronavirus Leak At Wuhan Lab


Dr. Alina Chan, an MIT and Harvard scientist states the most likely origin of the Coronavirus pandemic is the “lab origin.”

We’ve all known this from day one, right?

Interesting how “conspiracies” turn out to be true years later.

The Metro UK has more on the story (since major media news outlets in the U.S don’t seem to want any attention drawn to this, because then we -the American people would expect our government to actually deal with it and deal with China accordingly):

A lab leak in Wuhan is thought to be the most likely origin of Covid because an animal host has not been found after two years of searching, top scientists believe.

Dr Alina Chan, a specialist in gene therapy and cell engineering at MIT and Harvard, said there was also a risk that Covid-19 was engineered in China.

Dr Chan said: ‘I think the lab origin is more likely than a natural origin at this point.

‘We all agree there was a critical event at the Wuhan seafood market, that was a super spreader event caused by humans, but there’s no evidence pointing to a natural animal origin of the virus at that market.’

Meanwhile, corrupt government officials want to deny the story, even on their way out of the door. As seen by Dr. Francis Collins on Fox News, Sunday:

Outgoing National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins told Fox News on Sunday that he’s “sorry” the Wuhan lab-leak theory has become such a “huge distraction” for the country, despite there being “no evidence” to support it.

Collins joined “Fox News Sunday” on his last day in office after more than a decade in the agency’s top position. The geneticist and physician tapped by President Barack Obama to lead the NIH in 2009 dodged questions about his efforts to discredit the lab-leak theory at the onset of the pandemic, maintaining the most plausible explanation is that the virus spread through animal-to-human transmission

“I’m really sorry that the lab leak has become such a distraction for so many people because frankly, we still don’t know,” Collins told host Bret Baier.

A distraction for so many people?

No, the distraction is the “build back better” plan, democrats claiming the COVID-19 “Omicron variant” is deadly and dems trying to say the crime rate increase is due to COVID.

Those are distractions, Dr. Collins.

Here are the reactions to the lies:

Furthermore, there are other theories worth a read/watch that have been released as the news hit.

WATCH Robert F Kennedy Jr. discuss his theory about how the U.S intelligence agencies may be behind all of this:

If you have time to listen to it, I definitely encourage you to do so.

The U.S Intelligence agencies funding the coronavirus is one of the biggest stories yet and no one is covering it the way it needs to be.

I just report the news, it’s up to you to decide what you believe from there.


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