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The Atlantic Calls Child Sex Trafficking Epidemic “FAKE”


The amount of conspiracy, dark secrets, hidden alley meetings that go into Child Sex Trafficking is sickening.

Mainstream media is one of the key players that’s a puppet for it.

Think about it, without the media blacking out key information in the Maxwell trial, covering up stories and altering FACTS, how would America respond?

No one will ever know because we will never be given all of the information at once.

We will have to dig for the facts ourselves and spot lies when they are laying right before our eyes.

And people are spotting out lies in the most recent article “The Atlantic” published.

The Atlantic recently published an article “THE GREAT (FAKE) CHILD-SEX-TRAFFICKING EPIDEMIC”

And after reading the article myself, (which is part of a bigger project within the media group called “Conspiracy Thinking in America”)

I can summarize it for you:

Child Sex Trafficking is not a big of a deal as we think it is.

The notion of children being abducted for sex trafficking is as absurd as the QAnon theory.

Jeffery Epstein totally killed himself.

Anything else outside of this thinking is just a conspiracy.

Racial divide and COVID-19 are the REAL problems, child sex trafficking is merely a distraction away from those problems.

Oh and it’s really not that big of a deal (again). Here’s some old outdated statistics for you that hold no relevance to the point actually being made, but it’s going to used anyway to try and back up what is being said….

Again, this is just MY interpretation of the article. Here is the full article for your reading to make your own interpretation.

Interestingly enough, the majority stakeholder of “The Atlantic” Laurene Powell, is friends with Ghislane Maxwell…


This article was published moments before a CNN Staffer was just reported for abusing minors.

Here are some reactions to the story:

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Open your eyes, start asking the hard questions such as “Why would this “news organization” lie about a very OBVIOUS epidemic?” and “Why would they try to downplay the problem? Is it perhaps because they are part of the problem?”

Keep up the good fight!

Share this information everywhere and tear apart the lies!


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