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Joe Biden Talks Trump and Q-Anon


Want to know how just how much President Trump is living rent-free in Joe Biden’s head?

Well, perhaps that’s a bad question, because I’m not sure much of anything is living inside Biden’s head.

And by the way, why does this picture look almost absolutely nothing like him and a whole lot more like Jim Carrey in a costume for a movie?

But I digress, that’s not the point of this article.

The point of this article is to show just how obsessed Joe Biden still is with Trump, over 1 year after the 2020 (sham) elections.

Why does he seem so obsessed?

So worried?

And he REALLY seems bothered by Q and the so-called “Q Anon”.

Let me ask you this….

If “Q Anon” is so fake and made up, why do the “elites” seem so paranoid about it?

If someone was out there saying grass is purple, I wouldn’t spend all my time and energy trying to convince them grass was green.

No, I’d just ignore them.

So if Q is so fake and phony, why do these people keep bringing it up?

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Things that make you go “hmmmm”…..

The key part starts at the 4:00 minute mark, and it should be cued-up to start there when you click play below.

If not, jump ahead.

Watch here:

Maybe….just maybe…..they know Q and Trump are not fake and not gone and maybe the know the whole house of cards is soon to come crashing down on their heads?

Let’s watch and see!


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