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Biden Wants Americans Tested Before Entering The Country But Not Illegals

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Well, that does it.

Biden is the most un-American man in office ever!

This one is personally annoying because I know how hard it was to come back to the United States during the height of Covid last year.

Europeans and European airlines made it nearly impossible.

The only thing that was easy was actually getting back into the United States when President Trump was still in office.

Now that is a real leader.

Watch the story unfold:

President Biden’s latest COVID-19 rule goes into effect Monday, requiring all international travelers, including Americans, to test negative for COVID-19 within 24 hours of their departure to the United States – no matter whether they are vaccinated or not.

The White House announced Thursday that the U.S. will “tighten pre-departure testing protocols by requiring all inbound international travelers to test within one day of departure globally, regardless of nationality or vaccination status.” A senior administration official confirmed to Fox News Friday that the restriction will go into effect Monday.

“This tighter testing timeline provides an added degree of public health protection as scientists continue to assess the Omicron variant.,” the White House added.

Biden announced this requirement among a swath of other actions, including the extension of mandatory masking on public transportation and in airports until March 18, creating “Winter COVID emergency response team[s],” buying a stockpile of coronavirus therapeutics, and working to provide more at-home virus tests.

“We’re going to fight this variant with science and speed, not chaos and confusion, just like we beat back COVID-19 in the spring and more powerful variant — Delta variant in the summer and fall,” Biden said Thursday as he unveiled his “COVID-19 Winter Plan.”

Biden also said Friday that he does not believe the White House will have to go beyond these measures to institute a vaccine requirement for domestic travel – at least “at this point.”
Did you get that last part?
At this time they will not be requiring Americans to get the vaccine before entering the country.
They also said they wouldn’t mandate vaccines at all because it was fundamentally un-American.
Further proof that Biden himself is fundamentally un-American.
I think we should require an Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Dementia test before anyone is allowed in public service instead of getting Americans to take tests before entering their own country!
Imagine being required to take a cold or flu test before you can enter your house.
At the end of the day, that is exactly what Biden is doing.
Here’s Fox News with the rest of the scoop:

“The measures that I announced yesterday are — we believe are sufficient to deal with the proper medical precautions to deal with the spread of this new variant,” he said. “But we do require for travel — we’re going to continue to require people to have masks on — masks on — and in public places, and — and federal buildings.”

Biden added: “I continue to rely on the scientists and asking them whether or not we have to move beyond what we did yesterday. Right now, they’re saying no.”

Republicans argue that the vaccine requirements and masking rules the Biden administration is pushing are doing little but infringing on the freedom of Americans and hurting the economy. But Democrats and administration health advisers continue to say these steps are necessary to curb virus spread.

Do you know what all of this reminds me of?

Yep, I’m going to say it.


Yeah you know, that little thing the mainstream media has completely forgotten about.

Biden left thousands of Americans and American allies in Afghanistan then accidentally hit civilian targets in a drone strike just to get the Taliban even more pissed at the Americans abandoned in Afghanistan.

Incompetence at its finest.

Now Biden is making Americans curb their travel plans and return home plans to get tested and add on to the already existing stresses of travel.

What about illegal immigrants who cross the border illegally?

Are they required to take a test before entering a country that is not even their own and breaking the law of the land while doing so?



Here’s Mr. Science himself to explain why:

Ok got it.

So Americans entering the country: tests and masks.

Illegals entering the country: that’s a different issue.

These people are sick and disgusting.

On the topic of illegals, this raises the question about high-threat viruses.
What will Biden do about the hundreds of thousands of illegals that pour into this country without proper immunization?
Can we get Mr. Science on this please!


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