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DOJ Admits In Court Documents Trump Inciting January 6th “Objectively Unreasonable”


Newly released documents show federal prosecutors at the DOJ admitting in their arguments before the court that it was “objectively unreasonable” to conclude President Donald Trump could have authorized citizens to interfere with the Electoral College proceedings.

This find was picked up by the Gateway Pundit, but the revelation was made by political writer, Julie Kelly.

Now Julie Kellly has uncovered text from Biden/Obama’s DOJ that blows up the ‘Trump incited a riot’ narrative.

In the document from the DOJ, they claim:

It is objectively unreasonable to conclude that President Trump could authorize citizens to interfere with the Electoral College proceedings…”

Now, I’m not an attorney, so some of this legalese is a bit muddy.

But it basically sounds like the defendant (I believe it to be Robert Gieswein) is trying to use entrapment as a defense to some degree. However, the US Attorneys are requesting that testimony, etc. related to that attempt be excluded.

Gieswein can’t say that he knowingly assaulted law enforcement with pepper spray and a baseball bat because Donald Trump told him he could.

Because get this…

It is objectively unreasonable to conclude that President Trump could authorize citizens to interfere with the Electoral College proceedings.

That’s it.

Pack your bags.

It’s time to go home.

Sounds good, but no, they will continue to draw this out one charge at a time until the end of time if they have to.

To be completely honest, this tiny but powerful revelation could be plastered all over the internet, and ran on Fox News 24/7 but it wouldn’t matter one bit.

Because the Fake News Media controls people with emotion. So many people in this country, the ones who don’t follow the news and rely on 15-30 second snippets on social media to form major opinions on life, are easily herded by the corporate media complex.

It’s exactly how they’re able to get away with NOT REPORTING on the (many) egregious crimes taking place right now in our country’s legal system.

By concealing the facts about January 6th and turning up the volume on the 24/7 anti-Trump campaign that airs anyway, they create a social environment where people easily justify abuse of power and political persecution.

There are dozens of peaceful, non-violent American citizens whose individual rights and rights of due process are being trampled on like a cheap carpet by the absolute WORST elements of the Swamp.

Can you imagine being a political prisoner? Tortured mentally by isolation, filthy living conditions, (alleged) physical and mental abuse. Your life upended, your family’s lives destroyed along with yours.

Don’t get me wrong. The defendant in these case documents is an absolute scum bag moron, and his behavior deserves a thousand lifetimes of condemnation.

But they still know good and well many of those being held did nothing wrong.

They support Trump so they must pay.

Remember who the real Nazis are.


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