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Xi Jinping And His “Old Friend” Biden


Of course Xi Jinping would refer to Biden as “an old friend”; honestly, I’m surprised he didn’t call him cousin…

We have all suspected that Biden has been in bed with the CCP since day 1, and while these recent comments by Xi Jinping don’t point to conclusive guilt, they’re incredibly telling.

Whether it be his extremely pro China policies, or his son’s business dealings, no one trusts that Joe Biden is actually working on behalf of The American people.

They called us conspiracy theorists for pointing this out before, but as Olivia Rondeau says: “the only difference between a right-wing conspiracy theory, and reality is a couple of months”.

Here’s what we could dig up on the ongoing ‘conspiracy’:

Daily Mail tells us:

‘You’ve heard explicitly from the president himself, that he has a longstanding relationship with President Xi,’ said White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates on Tuesday.

‘They’ve spent a great deal of time together. They are able to have candid discussions, be direct with each other, which helps them be productive.

‘But he does not consider President Xi an old friend,’ Bates told reporters.

Voices in the media took the chance to criticize Biden for his weakness in dealing with the CCP, and President Xi Jinping, but could they be mistaking weakness for friendship?

All of Biden’s actions up until this point suggest that he is working in concert with Xi Jinping, rather than simply complying with him.

Here’s what Mike Pompeo and others had to say about Biden’s recent virtual summit with Xi Jinping:

A timeline of Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China was provided by The New York Post:

When Chinese president Xi Jinping alarmed the rest of Asia with an aggressive expansion of his military claims over the East China Sea, Vice President Biden was dispatched to Beijing to try to de-escalate tensions.

The second son tagged along on Air Force Two. While a somber and subdued Joe Biden held a marathon five-hour meeting with Xi, Hunter got together with Jonathan Li in what handlers at the time described as a social visit.

The son even arranged for a handshake between Li and his father at the hotel of the American delegation — troubling some of the vice president’s advisors, according to the New Yorker. Ten days later, the Chinese business license for Bohai Harvest — the company that Hunter Biden and Devon Archer had been trying to launch for more than a year — was approved.


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