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Biden Won’t Press Xi Jinping On One Of The MOST Important Questions

Many are concerned over The White House's avoidance of asking China about the origins of The Wuhan Virus.


How did The Wuhan Viris spread exactly?

This is an important question right? Where exactly did this virus come from? How exactly did it spread?

The global economy has taken quite the beating from this whole ordeal, to say the least, so we all deserve some pretty honest answers on this whole thing.

I know The CCP is not too into transparency, but this is not a CCP issue; this is a global issue.

What exactly is The CCP hiding? If they have absolutely nothing to hide then why not simply answer questions?

Why not allow an independent investigation into the whole thing?

Why aren’t they giving us answers, and more importantly why isn’t Joe Biden pressing them for answers?

Take a look:  

NTD News had more on the story: 

U.S. President Joe Biden said on April 6 that he has not talked to Chinese leader Xi Jinping about the origins of the CCP virus, which causes the disease COVID-19.

Speaking to reporters at the White House, Biden was asked: “Have you had the chance to ask him [Xi] if these reports are true, that China maybe misled the world at the beginning?”

“I have not had that conversation with President Xi,” Biden said.

Biden’s latest comment draws scrutiny to how hard the Biden administration will push China to be transparent about COVID-19, considering how Biden and Xi have had a relationship dating back years.

Last week, Secretary of State Antony Blinken was elusive when he was asked whether Washington would hold Beijing accountable for how it handled the pandemic.

Fox News had more details: 

Biden’s comments come after the White House last month said it believes China has "not been transparent" in releasing its findings, as part of a report that it wrote in collaboration with the World Health Organization.

The report dismissed claims that COVID-19 had escaped from a lab in Wuhan and instead called the theory of zoonotic transmission, or transfer of infection from animals to humans, "likely to very likely." 

White House press secretary Jen Psaki called on China and the WHO to allow international experts "unfettered access" to data and to allow them to ask questions of people on the ground at the time of the outbreak. Psaki said that U.S. medical experts are still reviewing the report, but the White House believes it "doesn't meet the moment."

The report calls the prospect that the virus transmitted from an animal reservoir to an animal host, followed by subsequent spread within that intermediate host that then transmits it to humans, "likely to very likely." It calls the idea that the virus may have leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology "extremely unlikely."


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