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$500,000 Coverup Goes Bust: Democrat Representative Has ‘Oops’ Moment


Hey, honey forgot to tell you I bought like half a mill worth of Apple stock a few months back, you don’t need to tell anybody about that or anything right?

$500,000? Nah! That’s pocket change who would care?

The American people that’s who!

Democrat representative Kim Schrier who supposedly represents the average American didn’t disclose more than half a million dollars of Apple stock purchases.

Here’s Fox Business with more:

Rep. Kim Schrier, D-Wash., was more than two months late in disclosing the purchase of half a million dollars worth of stock in Apple Inc., according to recent disclosure filings.

According to the filing, dated November 12, Schrier reported buying more than $500,000 worth of stake in Apple in late July through a joint account.

Lawmakers, under current federal law, are required to disclose security trades within 45 days – meaning Schrier would have needed to report the stock purchase prior to mid-September.

So she broke the law, that’s essentially what we have here.

Will she face a day in prison?

No of course not because here in America leftist lawmakers are above the law.

But the fact remains that Kim Schrier broke the law.

Ok fine, but why Kim?

Well here’s the rest of the story:

According to Schrier Communications Director Libby Carlson, the Washington congresswoman was “unaware” of the trade because it was made by her husband, David.

“Rep. Schrier was unaware of the transaction, which was made by her husband who handles their finances independently,” Carlson told Business Insider. “As soon as she became aware, she filed the required report.”

Carlson also told Insider that Schrier “has never before missed a transaction reporting deadline, and will make sure all such deadlines are met in the future.”

Schrier currently serves as a member of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, a panel which deals exclusively with telecommunications and technology related circumstances.

Oh, I see!

She just didn’t know, because that makes sense right?

I mean it’s not like it’s a six-figure stock purchase or anything… oh wait.

Honestly, you have to have a sense of humor about these things.

The left is so incredibly out of touch about the problems facing everyday working-class Americans.

How can someone who buys half a million dollars worth of Apple stock like it’s a morning cup of coffee, understand what the American people really need and want.

That’s why they think adding more colors to the pride flag or identifying as trans-racial are important issues.

Here’s Twitter with some comedy gold:

99.9% Fine Silver MAGA Collector Coins!

Say what you will about President Donald Trump but that man built something from the ground up without ever stepping into politics.

Why do people like Nancy Pelosi have a net worth of $200 million when they have been career politicians.

The system is broken and corrupt.


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