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California Mom Says Her Son Received The COVID-19 Jab Without Her Consent


A California Mom is ENRAGED her son received the Covid-19 Jab at a CVS Pharmacy in California WITHOUT her consent.

Fox News has the story:

Amanda Arroyo told KOVR that her son made an appointment online to get the vaccine at a CVS Pharmacy in Davis, California.

“He was like, ‘My arm hurts,’ and I said, ‘What happened?’” Arroyo told the station. “And he was like, ‘I had my COVID shot,’ and I was like ‘Wait, what?’”

Arroyo said the pharmacist told her she was only trying to keep the community safe by vaccinating as many people as possible. She now wants the pharmacist to be held responsible and worries the same thing might happen to other parents. “There is a law in place, there are procedures that are not being followed,” Arroyo said.

“Really concerned at the fact that I don’t know what this is going to do to him.” CVS told Fox Business it is “aware of the incident” and its staff has spoken with Arroyo.

On Monday, the Biden administration kicked off “a nationwide effort” to encourage schools, parents, and guardians to vaccinate children against COVID-19, saying “vaccination is the best tool we have” to ensure that students are safe, and that schools remain open for in-person learning.

This is outrageous, this is a parent’s decision and a parent’s decision alone. 

NOT the government, NOT the neighbor next door who is a virtue signaler and NOT the child’s decision. There is a reason parental consent is needed for life altering decisions. This story is a good example as to why.

Children are impressionable, especially at 16, (just like Mrs. Arroyo’s son).

I don’t know about you, but I certainly thought I knew everything there was to know when I was 16. Turns out, I definitely didn’t know everything. Which is exactly why children NEED parental consent.

We have no idea what the long term side effects are from this “vaccine.”

What we do know, there have been HORRIBLE immediate side effects from the jab, experienced by adults and children alike. The most common, heart problems and strokes.

Yet the Biden Administration is using Big Bird and the CDC to push this onto kids.


Along with Democratic Governors awarding prizes to children 12-17 for getting the jab.



Whats more problematic, more and more states around the country are allowing children to get the vaccine WITHOUT Parental consent.

Just a couple days ago the Minnesota Sun released this story:

In a statement released by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) as a part of the state’s new COVID vaccine program for elementary aged children, they shared that COVID vaccines can be given to minors without parental consent under “special circumstances.”

The webpage for Minnesota’s COVID response page tells parents that parental consent is required, except under “rare or special circumstances.” The page does not go on to define what “rare or special circumstances” might be.

In the state of Minnesota, a precedent has been set for employing the “mature minor doctrine.” Several other states have a “mature minor doctrine” in place, including Tennessee, where the Department of Health Commissioner utilized it to justify giving COVID vaccines to minors without parental consent.

Per 2021 Minnesota Statute 144.4198, Mass Dispensing Under Authority of Commissioner of Health, “mature minors” were given the legal authority to “carry out the responsibility of legend drug distribution.”
According to the statute, “When the commissioner of health has determined that a pandemic influenza, other life-threatening disease, or terrorist, accidental, or natural event requires urgent treatment or prophylactic measures, the commissioner may designate persons and entities to expedite legend drug dispensing.”

While the exact definition of a legend drug is unclear, the statute says that the precedent is referring to a “Closed point of dispensing (POD).” The statute states that a POD “means a dispensing or vaccinating location, including but not limited to a business, nonprofit, governmental, correctional, educational, health care, religious, or other entity that dispenses to a limited group such as employees and their household members, residents, business guests, students, or inmates.”

A document for Minnesota health professionals providing medical health to minors in Minnesota from 2002 also discusses the idea of a “mature minor.” The document says that the concept of a “mature minor” applies in instances where “no other exceptions to parental consent apply, and parental involvement is impractical or problematic.”

Following the approval of the Pfizer COVID vaccination for children ages 5 to 11, the state of Minnesota announced their “Vax for Kids” campaign to encourage parents to vaccinate their 5 to 17 year olds.

According to the Minnesota Vax for Kids website, “The best way to keep your child healthy and safe is to get them vaccinated. Getting your child vaccinated helps keep them in school, sports, and other activities.”

The website also shared that vaccinated children will not need to be quarantined following a COVID exposure. The website reads, “Children who are fully vaccinated do not have to stay home (quarantine) if they are exposed to someone who has COVID. They also do not have to get tested as often. Vaccination helps protect children and the people around them.”

A disclaimer on the website said, “Children may still get severe effects of COVID, and common conditions like asthma and obesity can put kids at an even greater risk of severe illness.”

Here are some of the reactions to this news:

Some want to pull their kids out of school (not a bad idea). It’s only a matter of time before the schools start giving children the vaccine at school WITHOUT parental consent.


Check your local and state laws, do NOT become a victim to this if you don’t want your child to get the jab!


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