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Tucker Carlson and Marjorie Taylor Greene Investigate: Jan. 6 Protestors TORTURED In D.C. Jail?


The January 6 event left patriots labeled as domestic terrorists for political theater.

Even though it’s been reported covert FBI agents orchestrated the false flag on January 6, the mainstream media still treats the day as an insurrection.

How much do we know about January 6?

Are most of what Americans know about the day a lie?

Tucker Carlson has made a new series to delve into the topic, called “Patriot Purge.”

Last week’s episode discussed the alleged abuse of those arrested due to January 6.

Tucker Carlson stated, “some of whom committed no violence whatsoever on January 6 remain rotting in pretrial detention in one of the worst jails in the country.”

If this criminal activity against Americans is true, why isn’t anything being done about it?

The mainstream media won’t touch the truth on the political prisoner’s mistreatment.

Instead, they keep pumping the “insurrection” narrative.

Especially the RINOs!

One of the defendant’s lawyers, Joseph McBride, can be heard in Carlson’s show calling the D.C. facility “Guantanamo Bay for American Citizens.”

McBride represents January 6 defendant Richard Barnett.

Barnett went viral after posing in Nancy Pelosi’s office chair.

After Barnett’s arrest, he immediately noticed mistreatment and abuse.

He reports his D.C. Detention Facility was filled with black mold everywhere, even in the drinking water.

Other inmates threatened to stab him and kill him.

One of the guards even threatened to come after his wife.

Barnett is now back in Arkansas, where he calls home.

In the “Patriot Purge,” Barnett relays the tales of abuse on the political prisoners.

The Western Journal has more:

“Ryan Samsel [another Jan. 6 prisoner] — two guards snuck into his cell in the middle of the night, zip-tied his hands behind his back,” Barnett said. “They pulled him out of the cell, took him down to the end where the cameras [weren’t] showing. He followed instructions. They proceeded to beat the man to the point where now has lost sight in one eye.”

“I was physically abused,” Barnett said. “I’ve been slammed face-first on the concrete. I’m not saying this for pity. I’m a strong man. Y’all didn’t hurt me. Y’all did not hurt me. You did not hurt my spirit. I love my country.”

In an earlier interview on CNN, a smirking host cut McBride off when he used the word “torture” to describe the prisoners’ conditions. “We’ll stick with the facts,” the host said.

“The facts are torture!” McBride interjected.

In the Carlson documentary, McBride outlined the treatment of Jan. 6 prisoners. “They’re being treated horribly, forced to live in egregious and filthy conditions. For months they’ve been beaten, they’ve been starved, they’ve been denied medical care.”

“This is documented. Just recently, Judge Royce Lamberth of the D.C. District Court held the D.C. jail in contempt! And an investigation happened.”

McBride said that in anticipation of the investigation, D.C. officials spruced up what he called the Patriot Wing of the jail where Jan. 6 prisoners are held.

“In anticipation of the investigation, the D.C. jail sent janitors and maintenance men down to the Patriot Wing to purge it of its filth, to paint the walls, to scrub the rust, to get rid of the black mold in 24 hours, thwarting the investigation and allowing the investigation to look at one side of the jail, while the other side of the jail was essentially swept clean.”

As a result, investigators condemned the part of the jail where regular prisoners were held, causing them to be transferred to a facility in Pennsylvania, but the Jan. 6 section was shined up enough for those prisoners to stay.

McBride said some of the prisoners have been charged with terrorism, assaulting federal officers with deadly weapons and being on Capitol grounds with deadly weapons. “The combination of which could land some of these people in jail — who have never been convicted of any crime before — for 20 or 30 years.”

But McBride and Carlson concurred that there was no evidence of any Jan. 6 demonstrators having firearms. That prompted Carlson to ask if violent demonstrators seen around the country in the summer of 2020 — including those affiliated with Black Lives Matter and antifa — in which a dozen people were murdered, were held in similar circumstances.

“Of course not,” McBride replied. “Not only that but the vice president of the United States of America participated in a fund to help advertising to get them bailed out.

“It’s a complete double standard, it is not equal treatment under the law. These are political persecutions — prosecutions — there’s no doubt about it.”

Asked if there has been an effort to raise money for Jan. 6 prisoners in a similar fashion to how Vice President Kamala Harris raised money for people in antifa, McBride said they have been blocked from doing so by most crowdsourcing mechanisms.

A good point made by Tucker Carlson is that Antifa is filled with “rich kids,” while the January 6 patriots are working class.

Allegedly, many of the political prisoners from January 6 have debt and public defenders with opposing political views.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene also corroborates the mistreatment of January 6 political prisoners seen on Tucker Carlson’s “Patriot Purge.”

According to Greene, unvaccinated January 6 prisoners are not permitted to receive communion, shave, or get medical treatment.

These pretrial defendants are not allowed to bail out unless they want to denounce President Trump.

No, this isn’t China…

It’s Biden’s America.

Patriots have asked Marjorie Taylor Greene to help the January 6 prisoners, and she’s taken the call to action.

From what she’s seen in the Detention Facility, Greene admitted to Tucker Carlson that she doesn’t believe our government. 

Greene also affirmed what Carlson is reporting on the “Patriot Purge” about the abuse of January 6 detainees.

In an interview with journalist Julie Kelly, Greene discussed the civil rights abuse in America, where she never thought was possible.

She now says she fears Christians and Trump supporters being labeled as domestic terrorists.

Greene mentions that even though she sees evidence of a stolen election, she never condoned violent riots as we saw with Black Lives Matter.

Julie Kelly alleges there are 70 defendants held under pretrial detention order. 

Kelly says that Biden’s Department of Justice goes to court saying the defendant is a danger to society.

Then, the defendant is denied bail and kept behind bars.

Kelly says there are roughly 100 Americans charged and 650 Americans arrested.

She claims they are arresting new people every week- just for being near or at the capitol on January 6 and opposing the results of the 2020 election!

It looks like trials will continue until next year, which is a precedent that has never been set.

You can watch the full interview on Rumble below:

Everyone talks about an insurrection, but no Americans have been charged with insurrection.

There aren’t any charges of treason or sedition either!

Biden’s DOJ currently remains weaponized against Americans.

The truth about January 6 is in direct opposition to what the mainstream media puts out.

They are so desperate to hide the fact that the left had bad actors instigating the crowd.

Similar to how Travis Scott tragically instigated the crowd at Astroworld.

99.9% Fine Silver MAGA Collector Coins!

We didn’t see any patriots acting like Scott on January 6.

Will the media and FBI call that an insurrection and arrest Travis Scott?

Thankfully, patriots like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Journalist Julie Kelly, and Tucker Carlson are working to expose the corruption behind the insurrection lie.



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