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What’s the Real Cause of Astroworld? Satanic Sacrifice? Mass Vaxxident? Concert Stampede?


The horrific tragedy that occurred at Friday’s Travis Scott Astroworld Festival has shocked the nation.

At the event, officials confirmed eight fatalities and hundreds of injuries.

Reports indicate the most common culprit as “cardiac arrest.”

However, we’re still waiting autopsies to confirm an official cause of death for each victim.

But that hasn’t stopped numerous rumors about the root cause of the “mass casualty” event.

Let’s do a deeper dive into the mainstream media narrative, concert footage, imagery, eyewitnesses accounts, and other hypotheses.

I’ll report and you decide.

The media has ran with two primary narratives for the cause of this tragedy.

  1. A concert stampede that led to trampling of attendees and an inability to breathe.
  2. A crazed madman injecting people with drugs (possibly Fentanyl) that caused a panic.

Madness allegedly began during the day when festivalgoers rushed into NRG Park that afternoon:

And it only intensified when Travis Scott took the stage that night:

That was the first narrative the media ran with.

Everyone was too compact, attendees couldn’t breathe, and some passed out.

Here’s concert footage, and decide for yourself if the stampede narrative seems believable.


Another narrative that surfaced on Saturday was a potential suspect injecting concertgoers with drugs.

Chief of Police Troy Finner stated a member of security lost consciousness after feeling a prick in his neck.

Medical staff used Narcan to revive him:

Reports indicated 300+ patients received treatment at a field hospital.

From the footage, does it appear this drug-injecting madman have enough space or resources to harm that many people?

I’ll let you decide the possibility of this lunatic injecting hundreds of people in this tightly-packed crowd.

Reports remain unconfirmed if the alleged assailant injected concertgoers in addition to the security guard.

Now let’s get into the realm of what earns you the “conspiracy theorist” label.

At the Astroworld Festival, it’s impossible to ignore the glaring satanic and occult symbolism.

The imagery appears on concert flyers and on-stage during Scott’s performance.

The backdrop and symbols often mimic portals to hell.

And they include phrases such as “See you on the other side.”

Due to the blatant symbolism, many social media users state the event was a satanic ritual disguised as a concert.

Perhaps the most disturbing clip from the performance was Travis Scott humming high above an unconscious body lifted from the crowd.

Here’s an expanded clip that shows Scott briefly stopping the show and urging security to remove the unconscious fan from the crowd.


As other concertgoers and security lift the unconscious person, that’s when Scott begins to hum.

Afterward, chants to “stop the show” echo from the crowd.

Other concertgoers commented on their experiences from the show.

A common theme is that a demonic presence was felt during the performance.

This was Scott’s address to his fans about the tragedy:

Finally, I want to raise the possibility that the events were a mass vaxxident.

As indicated in my prior posts, proof of COVID-19 jab or negative test was a requirement for entry.

I’ll raise two hypotheses that should be investigated further as potential causes of the sudden “cardiac arrests.”

  1. The intense and high-active event triggering myocarditis
  2. Graphene oxide reacting to 5G frequencies and music vibrations

Here’s the clip on Rumble:

Could the tragic events of the Astroworld Festival be a test run of 5G?

Was cardiac arrest caused by a graphene oxide reaction in vaccinated individuals?

I’m not saying yes.

I’m not saying no.

But we investigate all angles at WLT to find out the truth.


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