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Superman Artist QUITS Over Wokeness


I support everyone’s right to do whatever it is they please…

So long as it isn’t harming anyone else’s life, liberty, or property, do whatever it is you want—this is America after all, but just cause you can doesn’t mean you should.

What’s more is that even if you should, or if you are, there are tasteful ways of doing everything—everything has a time and a place.

People are fed up with having obviously contrived narratives, art, and messages shoved down their throats. It’s one thing to demand equal rights, it’s another thing entirely to make everything about those rights, or that message.

Especially, since you know…those rights were won a long time ago.

When someone tries far too hard to do something, or they do it all the time, people see it as cheap and paltry.

No one likes a virtue signaler, and in this specific case no one likes woke philosophy inserted into what are supposed to be action comics inspired by the American way.

Superman, and DC comics stem from tradition—that’s what they are, that’s their function. To pass on tried, true, and tested notions of justice, morality, and truth—they aren’t Marvel comics.

Not that Marvel should be peddling woke ideology, in my opinion no comic book should, they should stay mainly in the realm of providing action, fantasy, and mystery narratives—because that is their function, but Marvel is distinct from DC.

DC comics has no business peddling any sort of lifestyle choices, political philosophies, or various activist movements, and that’s why one superman colorist is quitting.

Gabe Eltaeb cites the woke ideology present in this new round of Superman comics which depict Jon Kent, the son of Superman, as being gay, among other things, like the official slogan changing:

Fox News shared what Eltaeb had to say:

“What really pissed me off was saying truth, justice, and a better world,” Eltaeb added. “F*** that it was Truth, Justice, and the American way,” he said. “My Grandpa almost died in World War II; we don’t have a right to destroy shit that people died for to give us. It’s a bunch of f****** nonsense.”

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DC Comics, the longtime publisher of Superman comics, recently announced that Superman’s new slogan no longer states that the hero is fighting for “truth, justice, and the American way” but now stands for “truth, justice and a better tomorrow.”

More coverage of the story came by way of Daily Mail:

Eltaeb ended his rant over the ‘bigoted’ behavior of companies like DC Comics who favor modern woke voices over that of the traditional conservative media.

‘They call us bigots and racist and sh*t, I would ask them, find me in the f**king mainstream, not on the fringes, one f****** book, one f****** t-shirt, one movie that says that leftism is bad, and conservatism is good, find it for me, they f****** won’t they’re not letting people have a voice, they’re the f****** bigots,’ he said.


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