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UPDATE: Japan COVID-19 Crisis Continues to Dwindle & What Media Still Can’t Get Right


I’ve seen Japan’s COVID-19 numbers in the news several times today.

And I’m thoroughly annoyed by most of the reports.

Because the obvious connection still isn’t reported in the media.

As I reported roughly two weeks ago, Japan witnessed a rapid decline in COVID-19 cases.

On September 28th, Japan lifted their emergency coronavirus measures.

The COVID-19 decline continued the past two weeks and there’s a celebratory mood in the air.

The media wants you to believe this was the result of increased COVID-19 vaccination rates or mask compliance.

From Hot Air earlier today:

This may not be as much of a “mystery” as the Japanese Health Ministry is making it out to be. Part of the decline is no doubt attributable to the country’s accelerated vaccination push. While it started off very slowly, they’ve now surged to the point where 70% of the population has received the shots. Others point to the fact that the Japanese were very accustomed to wearing face masks in public even before the pandemic began. (It’s a cultural thing.)

While the vaccinations almost certainly played a part, others believe that there’s a bigger, missing element to the story. While the Japanese were originally facing significant challenges in obtaining vaccine doses over the summer, the other thing they were very short of was testing kits. In July and August, their reporting of new infections was frequently characterized by averages and estimates because they couldn’t come close to fulfilling all of the requests for tests that they were receiving.

The same article also hinted at the possibility of reaching herd immunity via natural infection:

But what if the majority of the remainder of the population already had COVID and recovered without seeking treatment? All of those people already have some level of natural immunity and their bodies probably developed it specifically in response to Delta. Rather than 70%, Japan’s real immunity level could be upwards of 90. In other words, the question they should be investigating today is whether or not Japan has largely reached herd immunity status.

It’s admitted there’s likely a “missing element” to the story.

I’m befuddled that the mystery still eludes many people.

In mid-August, Japanese doctors started prescribing Ivermectin for COVID-19 cases.

Shortly after Japan recommended Ivermectin, COVID-19 began its downward spiral.

The “mystery element” is Ivermectin.

Japan has nearly reached record lows on its Worldometer chart since the use of Ivermectin began.

The same thing happened in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Yet, media sources can’t make the connection.

Gateway Pundit couldn’t link the nosedive to Japan’s Ivermectin use that began in mid-August:

We reported that Japan didn’t listen to the WHO which Japan recognized was managed by China.  Japan also never shut down the economy.

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The numbers are way down since September but we are not able to link this to Ivermectin use.

And this Twitter thread raised all the questions for Japan’s “mysterious” COVID-19 decline except the most important one.

Their decision to use Ivermectin during the same month COVID-19 started its descent.

How long will it take the media to catch on to what thwarted COVID-19 in Japan?


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