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President Trump on Ilhan Omar: “Didn’t She Marry Her Brother?”


President Trump has always been vocal about how corrupt the mainstream media is, calling the MSM “enemy of the people.”

The mainstream media constantly demonizes President Trump!

Now, they even demonize his supporters as “domestic terrorists.”

It’s no surprise that the mainstream media fails to cover stories that show Democrats negatively.

Take Progressive Democrat Ilhan Omar, who came to America and allegedly married her brother, yet we hear crickets about it from the MSM.

Where is the MSM covering that story?

Instead, the mainstream media talks about Omar’s policies for “social justice.”

President Trump took to the massive crowd at his Iowa rally tonight to ask what they thought about Ilhan Omar.

Immediately, when Trump asked the crowd about Omar, the response was a resounding and loud “BOO!”

First, President Trump mentioned that “She doesn’t like Israel too much.”

Then, He continued to rip on Omar, asking the vast crowd, “didn’t she marry her brother?”

President Trump didn’t stop there.

“She came in and married her brother. Nice. And they don’t do anything about it. With us they do everything.”


Because she’s a Democrat, Ilhan Omar can marry her brother, and the media stays silent.

Many claim Ahmed Nur Said Elmi is Omar’s brother, and the two legally married in 2009.

If the media can’t stay silent, they work to cover up the claims with ‘fact-checks.’

Earlier this year, Reuters addressed the allegations that Omar married her brother to help him gain American citizenship.

Reuters has more on Ilhan Omar’s marriage to her brother:

In 2016, Omar issued a statement in which she clarified the timeline of her marital history and called the rumors “baseless”, “false and ridiculous.”

As reported by Business Insider, there is no hard evidence that Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, who she legally married in 2009 based on her statement, is her brother or that Omar committed fraud.

Business Insider highlighted “some puzzling discrepancies and inconsistencies in her marriage history.”

For example, in June 2019, Minnesota’s CFB found that Omar filed “tax returns stating she was married to one man [Ahmed Hirsi] when, in fact, she was married to another [Ahmed Elmi],” according to CBS Local Minnesota, “amid an investigation into allegations of misuse of campaign funds.” 

If you’re a Conservative like President Trump, you get fabricated stories run like the Russia dossier.

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Naturally, if the story politically serves the media’s interest, they run with it.

President Trump is right that “they” don’t do anything about it when it comes to reporting the truth.

But when it comes to President Trump and Conservatives, its rules for thee and not for me.

Ilhan Omar highlights the corruption of the Democrats and how the mainstream media actively works to suppress negative facts that don’t support their political agenda.

You can watch the full clip of President Trump slamming Omar on Rumble below:


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