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Biden Called Lori Lightfoot “Mister Mayor;” Called Himself “The Ohio Pennsylvania, the Illinois President”


Uh oh.

Woke leftists aren’t going to be happy after this.

Joe Biden referred to Lori Lightfoot as “Mister Mayor.”

First off, Lightfoot is a black woman. She’s a lesbian.

Shouldn’t it be “Mrs. Mayor”?

But that’s not what Biden said.

We all know that if President Trump made that kind of mistake, the left and the media would be unforgiving and relentless.

But things got worse.

Somehow, Biden’s speech seemed to make less and less sense as it went on.

The speech was so bad that international media began reporting on it.

According to the UK’s Express:

The 46th President arrived for his televised appearance in the Prairie State to call on private employers to introduce vaccine mandates. But throughout his speech, the former Delaware Senator stumbled his lines and even appeared to misgender Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Joe Biden, 78, said of Ms Lightfoot: “Mr Mayor, thanks for the passport into town.

“I tell you, every time I come to the Greater Chicago Area, there’s somebody I want to steal and bring back to Washington.

“I’ve done it a couple of times.”

What’s worse is that Biden didn’t even catch himself.

If President Trump misspoke, he would have corrected himself.

But Biden didn’t appear to realize he even made a mistake!

But things got worse.

Biden began bumbling.

He started slurring state names together.

And instead of calling himself President of the United States, he appeared to call himself “the Pennsylvania, the Illinois president.”

Watch below:


How does he not catch all of these errors?

To make matters worse, Fox News cut away from the speech.

You would have thought that Fox would cover Biden’s apparent mental decline.

But they appear to be covering it up by refusing to report on it.

Per the Western Journal:

President Joe Biden’s incoherent rambling has become an almost daily occurrence at this point. Even so, a clip from his speech given in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, on Thursday was stunning even by his standards.

In a clip posted to Twitter by The Post Millennial, a Fox News host explained the network was going to do a live listen-in on Biden’s speech. When it did, Biden was prattling on about “the Ohio Pennsylvania” and “the Illinois president.”

You can’t make this stuff up.

After about 30 seconds of what can only be described as strange rambling, the Fox News host cut away from the disaster and assured viewers the network would continue “monitoring” the speech.

Since Biden took office, some leftists have criticized conservatives for supposedly mocking his stutter or cherry-picking moments from his speeches to make him appear senile.

In this case, however, Fox News was not even discussing a previous blunder from Biden. The network was simply cutting to his speech for a live listen-in, and Biden was spitting out an indiscernible word salad in real-time.

At another point in the speech, the president was trying to describe a phone conversation he apparently had the night before, but he struggled to conjure up the right words to do so.

“You know, if I can digress for a just second, last night I was on the television, on television, I was on the telephone …” Biden stumbled before continuing his anecdote.

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In these clips, Biden seemed even more confused than he usually is. His exasperated state, quiet mumbling and incoherent words depict a man who is genuinely unwell.

Watch the moment Fox News cut away below:

If the media won’t cover Biden’s mental decline, then it’s up to us to spread the word.

Please share this article with your family and friends.

The American people deserve to know the truth about the mental capacity of whoever is in the Oval Office!


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