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Former NBA Star Andrew Bogut Reveals Athletes & Celebrities Muzzled From Speaking Against Government Lockdowns


The NBA has made several headlines regarding COVID-19 injection mandates.

Rumors swirled about a locker room ‘civil war’ over vaccination status.

Reports suggested unvaccinated players preparing to skip games due to the mandates.

However, not all players made that sacrifice.

Feeling forced to get the experimental injection, Golden State’s Andrew Wiggins made these remarks at a press conference:

But it’s not only current NBA players making headlines.

Retired Australian center Andrew Bogut spoke about the attitudes of athletes and celebrities regarding lockdowns.

Bogut revealed that influential figures confessed to him that they disagree with government lockdowns and health restrictions.

But they’re muzzled from speaking out by their league, boss, or movie set.

Bogut also revealed celebrities received financial compensation to promote lockdowns.

His revelations exemplify the cowardice of many celebrities.

While they have the influence to change the opinions of millions, they remain silent to retain their wealth and luxury.

It’s a problem that permeates throughout our society.

Compliance and refusal to speak out against tyrannical government behaviors has caused immeasurable destruction for humanity.

As an Australian native, Bogut has witnessed one of the world’s harshest lockdowns.

Unlike many athletes and celebrities, Bogut voiced his displeasure with the insane restrictions.

Watch Bogut’s explanation below:

Watch Bogut’s full video here.

The Epoch Times spoke with Bogut:

“I’m a pretty outspoken guy on most issues,” Bogut said. “When I’m asked a question—even if I’m not an expert—I’ll give an honest answer of what I think. And I guess this is the same thing, but I’ve doubled down because I see the effects.”

He said he was not trying to diminish the effects of the virus. Instead, what was “most sickening” to him was the increasing divisions in society because of people’s stance on the lockdowns and vaccines.

“If you’re hesitant about getting the vaccine, you’re called an ‘anti-vax Nazi,’ and it goes the other way as well, where people who have had the vax are labelled ‘pro-vaxxers’ or government shills,” he added. “It’s just dividing the community, and that’s a win for the government.”

Bogut questioned why highly restrictive lockdowns were still being used when residents were also forced to comply with a bevy of restrictions, including social distancing, capacity limits in venues, and mandatory mask-wearing.

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“You know you’re in an airport, for instance, and you’re standing on those social distancing stickers to check into your flight, and then you go on the plane, and you’re literally jammed like a pretzel with other people. So, there’s a lot of hypocrisy, and these restrictions and mandates are not working, and I think a lot of it is theatrics,” he said.

“I think the governments have gone so hardcore with COVID-zero, and they can’t turn back now because politically, a lot of these politicians are in too deep,” he noted. He called on political leaders to be upfront on mistakes in handling the pandemic and be prepared to switch gears.

“You know I haven’t heard one politician worldwide say, ‘You know what, we messed up the way we handled this, and we’re going to change the way we’re doing this,’” he said. “But in Australia, its lockdown—lockdown—lockdown—closed border—closed border—take away rights—take away rights.”

He was also disappointed in the number of Australians who continued supporting heavy government intervention in society.

“That’s probably the most heart-wrenching thing for me, coming from a family that fled communism. The most heart-wrenching thing is the people cheering this on.”

If more celebrities had the courage to speak out, it would increase our chances of stopping COVID tyranny.


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