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Dr. Robert Malone Says He Was Branded a “Terrorist” by Italian Media, Warns Physicians Who Speak Out Are Being “Hunted”


Dr. Robert Malone is a rare voice of reason during COVID-19 hysteria.

He’s the inventor of the mRNA technology used for the Pfizer and Moderna experimental jabs.

However, Dr. Malone has warned about the risks of a mass vaccination campaign.

Dr. Malone made a recent trip to Italy for the Global COVID Summit.

Physicians and scientists met in Rome to discuss the detrimental impact of COVID-19 policies.

Thousands signed the Rome Declaration to restore the physician-patient relationship that benefits the individual.

Not long after the summit, Dr. Malone reports the Italian media has labeled him a “terrorist.”

This isn’t the first time Dr. Malone reported threats on his life.

He warns that it’s not only him that’s being targeted for speaking out against the mainstream COVID-19 narrative and one-size-fits-all policies.

Dr. Malone stated physicians are being “hunted” by medical boards and the press.

Check it out:

Despite inventing the technology used for these jabs, Dr. Malone has been a vocal alarmist for their potential side effects.

He has actively spoken about the risk of myocarditis.

Some countries recognized the same concerns as Dr. Malone.

Sweden is one such nation.

Their government paused the Moderna jab for individuals under 30 due to myocarditis.

Other Scandinavian nations made similar decisions.

Despite his intuition about the dangers of the COVID-19 jabs, Dr. Malone reports strange occurrences that happen to him.

Summit News shared details:

Despite such concerns being regularly voiced by doctors, the Federation of State Medical Boards announced back in July that it would consider pulling medical licenses of doctors who traffic in “misinformation” about COVID.

In another stunning development, Malone’s IP address was blocked by the New England Journal of Medicine so he couldn’t read studies on their website.

The doctor said he was aware of how to get around the IP block, but called the move a “petty act.”

The censorship campaign against doctors and scientists who disagree with the mainstream COVID-19 narrative is relentless.

Anyone who offers a dissenting opinion is ostracized or threatened by the media.

In Dr. Malone’s case, labeled a terrorist for ‘spreading misinformation.’

But it’s courageous professionals like these that restore a sense of sanity and prove who the real pseudo-scientists are.


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