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WATCH: Doctor Presents Blood Tests Before & After COVID-19 Jabs That Show Immune System Damage


We’ve seen countless reports of “breakthrough cases” around the world.

Highly vaccinated countries like Israel reported a surge in COVID-19 cases & deaths.

But that term, “breakthrough cases.”

I never heard it mentioned before COVID-19.

Why exactly are so many jabbed individuals contracting COVID-19?

If the experimental injection worked, then we shouldn’t see this many breakthrough cases.

Isn’t that right?

I’m not talking about the useless efficacy to prevent transmission that the CDC admits.

What’s the science behind these breakthrough cases?

We received clues weeks ago when the Francis Crick Institute studied the Pfizer experimental COVID-19 jab.

They determined the jab destroys your T cells and weakens your immune system.

Thus, individuals who receive the two dose series are more vulnerable to viral infections.

That’s the theory.

But what if a doctor or scientist tested that theory.

Fortunately, we have someone who conducted an independent study.

Dr. Nathan Thompson received permission from a patient to analyze his blood work before the first jab, after the first jab, and after the second jab.

The Illinois physician examined his immune system blood panels, and his jaw dropped at the results.

Watch Dr. Thompson’s explanation on BitChute (since it’s already removed from YouTube).

Infowars summarized Dr. Thompson’s findings:

“When you look at this, the biggest thing that you see is you see everything is doing really well,” Thompson said, reviewing the patient’s pre-jab panel.

However, the second panel, taken after the patient’s first coronavirus vaccine, showed an interesting difference.

“Here’s what’s interesting. As you see the CD8 cells started to jump way up,” Thompson observed.

“CD8 cell is called a suppressor T cell. It’s also known as a killer T cell. What do killer T cells actually do? Well…these are sniper specific cells and they are designed to kill virally infected cells…that are literally wearing the virus on the surface of the cell – think of spike protein – and it’s also killing cancer cells. That’s the job. They’re very sniper specific,” he explained.

“So when you look at this, you can see those CD8 cells after the first you-know-what, you can see they start to jump up. They’re saying, ‘Hold the phone. What is going on here? We need to start killing off these cells that are expressing a specific… I don’t know how you say, spike protein,’” Thompson clarified.

The third panel, administered after the patient’s second mRNA jab, showed an even more startling development, as the patient’s adaptive immune system now appeared to have “tanked.”

“So, now what you see is you see that his granulocytes, look at how much they jumped up,” Thompson said, gasping, “Holy cow.”

“These granulocytes… basically they’re neutrophils, they’re first responders, they’re emergency type cells,” Thompson explained, “but they’re mostly for bacterial infection and they also clean up tissue damage.”

“When you look at his lymphocytes, so his lymphocytes are things like his CD4 cells, CD8 cells, natural killer cells, his b lymphocytes that are producing antibodies…you can see how badly now that’s started to tank. And then what’s interesting too is that you can see that his natural killer cells have absolutely tanked as well.”

The result is lowered immunity for the patient, Thompson affirmed, which would leave a person susceptible to infection – even from cancer cells.

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“Natural killer cells…this is part of your innate immune system. Okay? This is your innate immune system and natural killer cells are your first responders to things like viruses, virally infected cells, and yes, even cancer cells. And wow, holy cow. You can see how that is tanked.”

“So what has tanked?” Thompson asked. “His adaptive immune system has absolutely tanked. Adaptive immune system, CD4, CD8, natural killer cells, his b lymphocytes – all of those things have actually just gotten pummeled within the month.”

Since the patient was otherwise healthy, the tests suggest the introduction of a “toxin” could be to blame.

“Now what has changed within the month? Gee, I wonder. He’s still eating great. He’s still exercising. He’s still avoiding his food allergies. He’s taken his supplements. So what changed in his environment? It was a toxin,” Thompson confirmed, adding, “I’ll leave it up to you to understand what I mean by a ‘toxin.’”

According to the doctor, the tests appear to indicate the patient is suffering from “autoimmunity,” a disorder in which the immune system attacks healthy cells.



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