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America’s Most COVID-19 Vaccinated State Sees Dramatic Surge


Tiny Vermont has the highest COVID-19 vaccination rate in America.

69.8% of Vermont is fully vaccinated, while 78.1% have at least one dose.

With high vaccination rates, Vermont has done its part combating this virus.

That’s what the mainstream media and public health bureaucrats would tell us.

However, that’s far from reality.

The situation has spiraled out of control.

Within the past three weeks, cases hit record highs and deaths are near Vermont’s winter peak.

Here are a few stats I pulled from Vermont’s Worldometer:

9/16/2021 = 338 daily cases (record high)

9/26/2021 & 9/29/2021 = 4 daily deaths (highest since 4/14/2021)

September 2020 = 0 deaths 

September 2021 = 41 deaths 

After viewing those statistics, it doesn’t appear the experimental injections are doing their job in Vermont.

How can anyone claim the jab is saving lives?

Additional breakdowns below:

Given this data, you’d think Vermont’s Republican governor would realize things don’t add up here.

His state has high vaccination rates but still can’t contain COVID-19.

You’d expect to hear Governor Phil Scott question the efficacy or safety of the experimental jabs.

But he parrots the same lie echoed by Democrats and our health overlords.

Governor Scott boasted this is a “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated.”

Look at his source for the data.

The Vermont Department of Health and CDC.

We’ve known for weeks the CDC manipulates the numbers and considers you unvaccinated until at least 14 days post 2nd dose.

It’s not the unvaccinated driving cases.

In fact, I’d make the argument it’s the other way around.

The Epoch Times shared this report:

“I think it’s clearly frustrating for all of us,” said Michael Pieciak, commissioner of the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation who monitors CCP virus statistics for the state.

More than 69 percent of Vermont’s population has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as of Sept. 24, according to the CDC, far above the national rate of 56 percent.

The state recorded the highest rate of hospitalizations per 100,000 residents on Sept. 30, breaching a record set on Jan. 31, 2020. Eight people reportedly died of the CCP virus in Vermont on Sept. 13, the highest total recorded in the state so far.

In late August, four of ten cases of COVID-19 in Vermont were among vaccinated people, according to a letter signed by 90 employees of the Vermont Health Department, including state Epidemiologist Patsy Kelso.

Gov. Phil Scott, a Republican, lifted the state of emergency in Vermont in June when 80 percent of the population had received at least one shot of the vaccine. He has since indicated he’s wary of reimposing the state of emergency.

“We can’t be in a perpetual state of emergency,” Scott said this week.

The four states that follow Vermont in terms of the highest vaccination rates in the nation are also experiencing alarming signs.

The head of UMass Memorial Health, the largest health system in central Massachusetts, said recently that regional hospitals were seeing nearly 20 times more COVID-19 patients than in June, and there isn’t an ICU bed to spare. Massachusetts has the fifth-highest vaccination rate in the nation.

In Connecticut, the second-most-vaccinated state, the legislature recently extended the governor’s emergency powers to make it easier to cope with the latest wave of the pandemic.

On Sept. 22, Maine, the third-most-vaccinated U.S. state, had nearly 90 people in intensive care units, a pandemic peak for the state.


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