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Israel Update: Double-Jabbed Now Declared Unvaccinated


Overnight, Israel went from 88% to 52% fully vaccinated!

Why is that?

That’s because the definition of fully vaccinated officially changed for Israeli citizens.

If you’ve only received two experimental COVID-19 doses, then you’re demoted to unvaccinated status.

You must receive a COVID-19 booster to regain fully vaccinated status.

Here’s the latest:

However, due to a government error, double-jabbed have a few more days as fully vaccinated.

The Israeli regime is already subjecting their citizens to medical apartheid and vaccine segregation.
This picture was spotted at a fruit market:

No jab, no food.

Fewer jabs, your food costs more.

HAARETZ reported:

The rules for Israel’s proof of vaccination pass – called the Green Pass – will change this Sunday with new regulations determining who is eligible for the pass.

From Sunday, all Green Passes currently in use were meant to expire and those eligible for new passes must get them reissued. However, technical glitches on the Health Ministry’s website overnight into Sunday, apparently due to heavy traffic to it, meant many people couldn’t register for new passes. The ministry said the old passes will remain in effect “for the next few days.”
In general, the new eligibility rules stipulate that those reissuing their Green Pass must have received their third jab of the coronavirus vaccine, or their second dose in the past 6 months. In some stickier situations, keep reading for information on the specifics.
As of Thursday, some 1.6 million Israelis who are entitled to receive the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine still have not done so, meaning they will be ineligible for the new green passport. The new Green Pass documents will include a digital signature, which business owners are supposed to scan before granting holders entry.

Why is the Green Pass being changed?

Starting in July, an increasing amount of vaccinated people became infected with COVID-19, mostly above the age of 60.
Studies showed that this was due to a drop in the effectiveness of the vaccine, as a result of a decline in the antibodies in those vaccinated.
Data from the drug company Pfizer, which developed the vaccines Israel largely used to inoculate its population, found the vaccine was 90 percent effective in preventing infection from the delta variant of the virus. The Health Ministry also released similar data early on in their vaccine campaign – but later announced that the effectiveness of the vaccine had decreased and reached only 40 percent in July.
And this is coming to America soon if more people don’t wake up and resist.
Last week, Fraudci changed his fully vaccinated definition.
It’s only a matter of time before Biden mandates boosters to keep your fully vaccinated status.
How many double-jabbed Americans will comply with that decree?


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