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Why The Vaxx Passport Is The First Step In the “Great Reset”


I often view myself as a Watchman on the Wall, shouting out warnings to be prepared for what is coming!

And what I see on the horizon is a dystopian future full of vaxx mandates, vaxx passports and a “Great Reset” where according to that uber-creep Klaus Schwab “you will own nothing and be happy about it.”

One word Klaus: F U.

I guess that’s two words.

Or two letters, you figure them out.

F U Klaus and

F Joe Biden.

There, does that clear it up?

Enough with these evil dictator pricks!

I’m getting fired up so I’d better turn it over to the man in this video who so very eloquently explains why the vaxx passports are the necessary first step in the “Great Reset”:

This man is right. The vaccine passport is the first step towards a social credit system which is crucial to their ‘Great Reset’ dystopian future.
Remember none of this madness is about health, it’s ALL about control!!!

Watch it right here on Rumble:


Let’s wake up as many people as we can!


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