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SPOTLIGHT: Incredible Gift Just Received In The Mail


Noah here with another “Deplorable Spotlight” to share with you.

For those who don’t know about the Deplorable Spotlight, it’s when we take a moment to shine the spotlight on something incredible being done in the Freedom Movement by a “Deplorable”.

You know, the term Hillary Clinton used to smear all of us but which we wear as a badge of honor, because if Hellary thinks something is “deplorable” it means it’s probably good, righteous and just!

So today the spotlight shines on something I received in the mail from a lady named Janet (last name withheld for privacy).

Janet was kind enough to send me a huge and HEAVY package that arrived in my PO BOX.

By the way, if you want to reach me by mail, I finally set up a PO BOX so you can write to me.

In fact, you should save this article and save this address in case we ever get cut off online.

Tap here to view my mailing address:

And now continuing on with the story….

So Janet sent me this HEAVY box and I couldn’t wait to see what was inside.

It came with an incredible note that said “God bless you for all you do!” which I have to tell you was very moving to read.

I do this for free out of service to our country and I have since 2015, writing every single article and posting them online for FREE to help make a difference!

Not only is my site 100% free, but I pay for a lot of things like web hosting, email service, a writing staff and so much more that collectively each month costs me over 5-figures in expenses!

And I’m happy to do it because when I receive a message like that from Janet it makes it all worth while.

It means we ARE making a difference.

We ARE reaching over 6 million readers now each month….and growing!

So the note meant the world to me, but then I saw what was in the package and was blown away.

Take a look:

And here it is from a different angle in different light:

Sometimes a picture doesn’t do it justice, but I can tell you this thing is BIG and HEAVY and absolutely beautiful!

It’s made entirely out of metal and was custom done!

Janet commissioned it from a company called Up Ten Weld LLC in Wallace, ID — huge shout out to Up Ten Welding for the amazing work!

Janet told them she was so offended by Obama’s famous clip where he said Trump didn’t have a “magic wand” that she wanted to commission a magic wand showing the power on our side.





Yes indeed, if God is for us, who can be against us?

Janet, I absolutely love it and I am going to proudly display it in my office.

And great job by Up Ten Welding!



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