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Even PUTIN Says No To Vaccine Mandates!

Growing up, I was taught (indoctrinated?) a few things in school.


Growing up, I was taught (indoctrinated?) a few things in school….

One, we could be under nuclear attack at any time and so we had to practice drills to be ready because after all the world is a scary place!

Most other countries are bad.

Russia is REALLY, really bad!

But now that I’m older and I look at things objectively and don’t just listen to what the MSM wants to tell me, I have to ask a few questions…..

How bad are these countries?

Are they actually better in some ways than America when it comes to protecting freedoms and liberties?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not in the group of people who is out there right now currently saying the Taliban is actually good and we’ve just misunderstood them.


Anyone who burns and drowns Christians in cages is not good.

But let’s take a look at Russia.

I know the MSM media HATES Russia, which is my first clue that perhaps they’re not all bad.

Because whatever the MSM pushes on you hard is usually 180 degrees from the truth.

It’s actually really easy to know the truth these days, you just take the exact opposite of whatever the MSM is pushing.

So MSM hates Russia and they hate Putin, and now this story breaks….

Amidst constant pushes, bribes, threats and mandates here in the good old USA to force the C-19 vaxx on the people, Russia’s Putin just said he DOES NOT SUPPORT forcing the vaccine on people.

Funny, that sounds a lot more “free” than what I’m hearing these days from the Biden/MSM Regime.

Take a look:

These are in Russian, but here are the videos:

I dare say he sounds a lot like Trump, doesn’t he?


And for those doubting the translation, CNBC confirms the story:

President Vladimir Putin decided that Russia will not make Covid vaccines compulsory for its citizens, saying people should see the necessity of immunization on their own.

Some officials in Russia had proposed making vaccination mandatory, but Putin said Wednesday such a move would be “counterproductive.”

Speaking during a video conference on the economy, Putin said officials had analyzed options including mandatory vaccination for the entire population, or for workers in certain sectors who come into contact with large numbers of people, Russian news agency Tass reported.

This could have seen Covid shots made compulsory for people working in such areas as retail, education or transportation. Putin said he did not agree with such a move.

“In my opinion, it is counterproductive and unnecessary to introduce mandatory vaccinations,” he said. “People should realize this necessity on their own” and understand that without a vaccine they “may face a very serious and even deadly danger,” particularly elderly people.

Putin urged the public to get immunized and stressed that the Russian vaccine, Sputnik V, was safe.

“I would like to emphasize once again and to appeal to all our citizens: think carefully, keep in mind that the Russian vaccine — the practice has already shown that millions (of people) have used it — is currently the most reliable and the safest,” Putin said. “All conditions for vaccination have been created in our country.”

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It also appears per the bolded part above that Putin has a DIFFERENT version of the vaccine than we have.

That is also very interesting.

No spike proteins?

No mRNA vaccine?



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