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REPORT – New COVID-19 AY3 Strain Found in Israel, And It’s NOT Because of the Unvaccinated


For weeks I heard mainstream pundits spew that garbage rhetoric, “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated.”

It’s among the most ridiculous lies of COVID-19 hysteria.

Medical overlords like Fraudci and Walensky had to walk back their lies.

The reality of vaccinated individuals falling ill became too noticeable to hide.

And they had to admit vaccinated and unvaccinated have identical viral loads.

Also, that both vaccinated and unvaccinated can spread the virus.

Israel remains a prime example of this.

One of the world’s most vaccinated countries, Israel continues to see another sharp rise in COVID-19 cases and deaths.

If you look at Israel’s Worldometer chart, things have spiraled out of control in August.

However, this was an easily predictable outcome.

Virologists who do actual science warned that you do NOT vaccinate out of a pandemic.

It’s a recipe for Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE) and that’s unfolding in Israel.

Whether you believe COVID-19 is a pandemic or not, you don’t conduct a mass vaccination program with a novel virus.

That leads to highly transmissible, vaccine-resistant strains.

This trend was noticeable five months ago.

And for Israel, boosters have only made the dilemma worse.

Despite the claims by mainstream pundits that boosters are working, that’s not how the data reads.

Returning to the Worldometer numbers, Israel reported 55 COVID-19 deaths on 8/22/21.

That’s the highest single daily death toll since 2/8/21.

6.5 months ago.

The latest reports indicate a more virulent strain is circulating in Israel.

This new variant is called the AY3 strain for now and is believed to be a mutation of the Delta variant.

With a mass vaccination program of this scale, this outcome isn’t a surprise.

And it’s a certainty that the mainstream media and medical overlords will spin this to justify more experimental jabs and lockdowns.

Until Israelis take a stand and say enough is enough, they’ll stay on the perpetual cycle of lockdown, jab, variant, repeat.

Israel National News reported:

The Health Ministry reported today (Thursday) that the first ten cases of the AY3 coronavirus strain based on the Delta strain had been found in Israel. The AY3 strain is based on the Delta variant, from which a number of further mutations have been found, including several considered more “virulent.” Of those infected, eight had returned from abroad and two were infected inside Israel.

This week, a representative of the Health Ministry in the Knesset said of the strain that it “causes concern and will lead us to lockdown” and expressed concern about the possibility of it being discovered in Israel, since it is a variant with a high infection rate that can develop a resistance to the coronavirus vaccines.

The Health Ministry on Thursday morning reported that the number of severe coronavirus cases had reached 603.

At the same time, the Ministry reported that 7,856 new coronavirus cases were diagnosed on Wednesday, representing 5.50% of the coronavirus test results received.

There are currently 62,163 active coronavirus cases, and the country has so far seen 6,726 coronavirus deaths, including 17 who died on Tuesday and four who died Wednesday.

Nearly one thousand (994) coronavirus patients are hospitalized, including the 603 who are in serious condition, of whom 149 are in critical condition, with 106 patients intubated.

Earlier this month, the Health Ministry said that if Israel reaches 600-700 severe coronavirus cases, the country will need to lock down in order to avoid overwhelming the hospitals.

The reason for this is that Israel’s hospitals are able to properly care for just 1,200 coronavirus patients, and reaching the Ministry benchmark would signal that hospitals would reach maximum capacity within the coming weeks.

Between more people getting coerced to take the jabs due to FDA approval and upcoming boosters, I expect something similar to occur in the United States.

Whether they stick with AY3 or choose a different name, the Biden Administration and many state governments will push for lockdowns.

Of course, I hope I’m dead wrong.


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