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The COVID-19 Trend That the Mainstream Media Refuses to Talk About


With the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in full swing, some countries have vaccinated their citizens faster than others.

The mainstream media does their usual coverage.

Either praising countries for fast vaccine delivery or critiquing richer countries for not sharing doses.

But for the countries that have administered the most vaccines, there seems to be a recurring pattern with the majority of them.

There is a severe spike in COVID-19 cases and deaths for a period of time immediately following their vaccine rollout.

Of course, there haven been a couple of outliers but this trend is clear in most countries with huge vaccine rollouts compared to their population.

Take a look at the countries who distributed the most vaccines this past week:

And these countries have the highest rate of vaccination:

Now, look at what happened to their curves upon the vaccine rollout:

For the record, Hungary is taking the lead for the highest vaccination rate among EU nations:

Chile has the highest vaccine rate in Latin America, yet their cases and deaths have skyrocketed:

Despite being praised as a world leader in vaccines, Serbia’s number of COVID cases are trending upwards and a lockdown was recently enforced:

And citizens have already shown fierce resistance:

And Israel, the world model for mass vaccinations, has finally seen their curve trend downward after a massive spike from December into early February.

Other countries with high vaccine rates that saw a spike in COVID-19 cases include: United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Uruguay, and Estonia.

Another place to add is the tiny Caribbean island of Bonaire.

COVID-19 was virtually non-existent until vaccines started in late-February.

Here’s what happened:

The question that remains is why does this happen to most countries with mass vaccine rollouts?

What’s the real cause of these spikes right after administering vaccines by the millions?

Because looking at the data, it’s clear that mass COVID-19 vaccine campaigns lead to an increased risk of infection in most countries.

The media ignores it.

Politicians ignore it.

Medical bureaucrats ignore it.

They want you to pipe down and line up for your jab.


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