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Space Force Officer Who STOOD UP TO Marxism In The Military Is Now LEAVING The Military


Looks like even the military is pretty screwed up right now…..they’ve caught the disease of Marxism.

Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier made headlines when he was relieved of his command for making a simple statement: we need to get politics out of the military.

What’s wrong with that statement?

An accepted tidbit of wisdom is to keep politics out of work, business, and family dinners.

Why would the same rule not apply to the greatest fighting force the world has ever seen? A fighting force which is tasked with the awesome responsibility of guarding the greatest nation in history?

Lt. Col. Lohmeier wasn’t even over-zealous or out line, he simply sounded the alarm in the politest and most civil way—he wrote a book, yet he was still punished.

Remember this ladies and gentlemen, remember where the priorities of our institutions truly are:

Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier is leaving the armed forces as reported by Just The News:

The lieutenant colonel says his final day in the service will be Sept.1.

“I wrote a letter to then-acting Secretary of the Air Force explaining certain circumstances, which I don’t plan to make public, but also requesting an early retirement, and a separation honorably from the service”

The military has denied Lohmeier the early retirement, but has agreed to the honorable separation, which Lohmeier and his family have decided is the right course of action.



The Gazette previously reported on Lt. Col. Lohmeier’s stand against Marxism in the military:

In return for trying to expose what he considers a clear and present threat to national security running through all branches of the military, Lohmeier was relieved of duty on May 14 by Lt. Gen. Stephen Whiting.

“I didn’t know the intent of that meeting, but I had my suspicion,” Lohmeier explained during a recent visit with The Gazette’s editorial board. “He said ‘I have seen your podcast and you have been politically partisan while acting in an official capacity,’ which I to this day deny. The second reason he cited is that I was publicly critical of the policies of my chain of command.”

Though the Defense Department announced an investigation of his “prohibited partisan political activity,” Lohmeier says he merely exposed increasingly institutionalized and mandatory left-wing political activity. He said the movement blatantly favors Democratic politicians, policies and ideologies.


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