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Obama Ethics Chief Slams Biden’s ‘Highest Ethical Standards in History’ Claim


I wasn’t going to write about it. I really wasn’t. But I despise liars and I hate when arrogant people demean the intelligence of the American public.

Joe has been doing both recently with this stunt he’s doing with his son, Hunter Biden.

In case you missed it, Hunter has decided to take a break from being a ‘cocaine-fueled consultant for Russian Oligarchs to become a world-famous painter.  (You can check out the full article here)

With no professional experience to speak of, Hunter’s art is expected to be sold for as high as 500K.

Ready for this? They are going to keep the buyers, these “patrons of the arts” anonymous from the American public.

So let me get this straight. An untrained artist will be selling 6-figure art to anonymous donors while also being promoted by the White House?

It’s not hard to expect questions will be raised. For example, is this just another way for Hunter Biden and his father to sell access to the Oval Office?

Fear not America, Jen Psaki is coming with the answers that we need.

According to Jen, we don’t have to fear because Biden is running the “most ethical” administration in the history of AMERICA.

Just trust us America, because we said so. Classic Jen.

Well, the former director of government ethics for the Obama administration is calling BS on that claim. The Daily Wire expands on this.

Walter Shaub, the former director of Obama’s Office of Government Ethics, slammed the Biden administration on Thursday over its repeated claims that it has established the “highest ethical standards of any administration in American history” by pointing out the continued controversy surrounding the selling of Hunter Biden’s suspiciously high-priced artwork.

I love how slick the Biden admin thinks they are. Turns out that they had a hand in crafting the whole art sale process and deal. You know, just to make sure everything is on the up and up.

The administration claimed in a statement to Fox News that the deal that it helped craft surrounding the process of how Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, will be allowed to sell his art is a “prime example” of the Biden “family’s commitment to rigorous processes.”

It’s funny how they didn’t allow any third-party outside sources to hold them accountable for their “family’s commitment to rigorous processes”. Kind of like how Nancy doesn’t want any Republicans sitting on the January 6th commission.

“I certainly hope this is not a ‘prime example’ of the rigorous ethics because this is not rigorous. At some point, they have got to answer questions without deflecting by resorting to this increasingly tired talking point that they have the highest ethics of any administration,” Shaub said. “They can start by sharing this agreement they negotiated with the art dealer. Then, they can pledge to tell us about any contacts the administration has with any known buyers.”

This is perfectly logical. If you want to prove you are doing things lawfully and you have nothing to hide, then disclose it to the American people.

Shaub added, “If they have time, they can tell us why they think it’s appropriate to profit off the presidency after complaining about the last guy doing exactly that.”

Shaub makes a great point here. It goes without saying but I will anyway. If Donald Trump Jr. were to try anything like this, Liberals would be calling for the firing squad.

Just this week, the White House announced that they were going to remove the only single ‘ethics’ safeguard they had in the deal.

Initially, Hunter would not know who bought his art. Well surprise, surprise, it looks like he’s going to get to meet with them face to face after all. That way he can give them their Oval Office admission tickets in person.

However, a new report this week said that Hunter Biden will be allowed to meet with the prospective buyers of his artwork at the art gallery before they are sold.

The fact is that this is not unexpected behavior coming from Biden and his son. The history of his corruption is well documented.

Things get heated when he thinks Americans aren’t aware of what he’s trying to pull. At least muggers and bank robbers are honest about what they are trying to do. Rob you.

Joe thinks he’s stealing the furniture without anyone noticing. The truth is that America is sitting on the couch while he’s lifting it. Maybe the real idiots are you and your administration of condescending ivy leaguers, Joe.



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