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Australian Health Official Tells Aussies Not to Have Conversations With Each Other – Mask or No Mask


Australia’s descension into COVID-19 tyranny has been daunting to watch.

Just when things can’t possibly get more Orwellian, they do.

The latest round of Australian insanity came when this NSW health official made her latest health decrees for Australian citizens.

Watch the clip:

Don’t talk to your neighbor.

Don’t talk to the person in the grocery store.

Don’t you dare talk period.

Even if you have a face diaper on, remain silent.

That’s the level of idiocy the Australian government is willing to go.

Their government is petrified of citizens talking amongst themselves and potentially planning any sort of resistance to the regime.

While there hasn’t appeared to be much fight amongst Aussies, you have to think the majority of the public will fight back at some point.

What’s the breaking point for Aussies in this tyrannical game?

At the rate their government is going, I think we’ll find out in the coming weeks.

Summit News reported:

The chief health officer of New South Wales gave a press conference telling Australians that they shouldn’t “engage in conversation with each other,” even if they’re wearing masks, in order to reduce the transmission of COVID.

Yes, really.

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Dr. Kerry Chant made the remarks in response to people in NSW being ordered to comply with yet another lockdown triggered by just a handful of new cases, which included a man in Cootamundra who visited a Woolworths supermarket, Pizza Hut restaurant, petrol station and Officeworks store.

“Whilst it’s human nature to engage in conversation with others, to be friendly, unfortunately this is not the time to do that,” said Chant.

“So even if you run into your next door neighbor in the shopping center…don’t start up a conversation, now is the time for minimizing your interactions with others, even if you’ve got a mask, do not think that affords total protection, we wanna be absolutely sure that as we go about our daily lives we do not come into contact with anyone else that would pose a risk,” she added.

In addition to officials telling people they shouldn’t talk to their friends and neighbors, those living in or those who visited the affected areas are now under a minimum 7 day stay-at-home order, while masks will again become mandatory masks for teachers and high school students.

Twitter users reacted to the statement by pointing out that this represents a new level in the complete inhumanity of lockdown.

“Their desperation is front and centre. They’re either running out of time or they’re going insane right in front of our eyes,” commented British pop due Right Said Fred.


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