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WW3 Scare? CCP Threatens to Nuke Japan If It Interferes in Taiwan Conflict


The world was put on notice when the CCP made a daunting threat against Japan.

If Japan interferes with the CCP’s imperialistic plans to “liberate” Taiwan, the CCP threatened to use nuclear weapons against them.

In doing so, the “Japan Exception Theory” was coined.

The CCP reiterated Japan is the exception for not using nuclear weapons first.

This warning was issued in a now-deleted video from a YouTube-like platform called Xigua.

Here’s a clip from the deleted video:

Clearly, the CCP feels more emboldened to threaten its neighbors and take Taiwan by any means necessary.

And a conflict between China & Japan would surely entangle many of the world’s largest military forces.

So, a nuclear threat from the CCP isn’t something to take lightly.

We’ve already witnessed what the CCP did to Hong Kong.

And the same is expected for Taiwan in the near future.

Taiwan News shared this:

A video reposted by a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) committee in northeastern China on Sunday (July 11) threatens to “continuously use nuclear bombs” against Japan if it attempts to interfere with a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

On Sunday, the Baoji Municipal Committee of the CCP reposted a video to the YouTube-like platform Xigua. In the 5-minute video, created by military commentary channel “Liujun Taolue” (六军韬略), the narrator calls for nuclear attacks against Japan if it attempts to defend Taiwan from a Chinese attack, and also proposes a “Japan Exception Theory.”

The video starts by saying that if Japan “dares to intervene with force” when China “liberates” Taiwan, the communist country will respond with an all-out war against Japan. It said the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) will strike first with nuclear bombs and continue to use them until Japan surrenders unconditionally “for the second time.”

After boasting about 60 years of nuclear arms development, the narrator announces that “we solemnly put forward the ‘Japan Exception Theory,'” apparently suggesting that Japan become the exception to the “no first use” (NFU) nuclear warfare policy that China declared in 1964.

The narrator then gives a history lesson about atrocities committed by Japanese soldiers against the Chinese during the two Sino-Japanese wars and warns that if a third such war breaks out, the Chinese people will “take revenge for both old and new scores.” It points out that Japan is the only country in the world to have suffered a nuclear attack, therefore, unleashing nuclear weapons upon Japan “will yield twice the result with half the effort.”

The original video rapidly gained over 2 million views but was later deleted. Prior to its deletion, netizens posted it on Western social media platforms such as YouTube and Twitter.

Human rights activist Jennifer Zeng (曾錚) added English subtitles to the video and uploaded it to her Twitter account on Tuesday (July 13). Zeng also managed to download a follow-up video before it too was deleted.

In the second video, the narrator focuses on the numerical superiority and fighting will of PLA forces compared to their Japanese opponents. The video also claims that after Japan is defeated, China will break up its four main islands into independent countries under the “supervision” of China and Russia, which will both establish military garrisons there.

Fox News reported:

The Chinese Communist Party aired a video in which it warned Japan of a nuclear response and “full-scale war” if the island nation interferes in China’s handling of Taiwan.

The video, which appeared on a channel approved by the CCP, singles out Japan as the one exception to China’s policy to not use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear powers.

“We will use nuclear bombs first,” the video said. “We will use nuclear bombs continuously. We will do this until Japan declares unconditional surrender for the second time.”

The CCP claims that it will “liberate Taiwan,” and it warns against Japan deploying “one soldier, one plane or one ship.”

The video was deleted from Chinese platform Xigua after gaining 2 million views, but copies were uploaded to YouTube and Twitter, Taiwan News reported.

The threats follow comments made two weeks ago by Japanese officials about Taiwan’s sovereignty, with Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso saying that Japan must “defend Taiwan,” The Japan Times reported.

“If a major incident happened (over Taiwan), it’s safe to say it would be related to a situation threatening the survival (of Japan). If that is the case, Japan and the U.S. must defend Taiwan together,” Aso said.

However, Aso insists that Japan would resolve any issue through dialogue. Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato said that a Taiwan contingency is a “hypothetical situation.”

China Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Zhao Lijian urged Japan to adjust its “mentality” over the issue, Sky News Australia reported.

“We once again urge Japan to approach the relevant issues with the right mentality, and show its respect for China’s sovereignty and sincerity in upholding regional peace and stability,” Lijian said.

“I must stress that, Taiwan is part of China and the Taiwan question is purely China’s internal affair,” Lijian added. “China never allows interference in the Taiwan question in any form by any country.”


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