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President Trump On Maricopa Audit: ‘What is Going On? Give the Routers!’


The world is waiting for the results of the Maricopa County forensic audit.

However, the audit remains incomplete until the routers are turned over from Maricopa County.

The routers remain intriguing because they hold the unique IP addresses of any traffic on the election night.

They also would show if anyone electronically added votes for Biden.

If the auditors need the routers to complete the audit and safeguard future elections, why not hand them over?

President Trump echoed what we all have been thinking about the RINO Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and their routers.

Yesterday Trump asked, “What are they trying to hide?

The Arizona Senate initially subpoenaed the internet routers from Maricopa County.

However, Maricopa County refused to comply.

Maricopa County rejected the subpoena saying the cost to replace the routers would be $6 million.

It seems like a small price to pay to safeguard our elections.

Unless, of course, you have something to hide!

If you or I were issued a subpoena and didn’t comply, we would be punished with monetary sanctions or jail.

Why, then, does Maricopa County get to reject the subpoena to turn over the routers?

Newsmax has more on Maricopa County withholding the routers:

The Republican-held Arizona Senate originally subpoenaed the internet routers from the county polling places, but the county rejected the request, claiming it would cost $6 million to replace them. A similar claim led Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs to destroy voting machines that were inspected by auditors.

Officials skeptical of election fraud argued that Hobbs’ claim the voting machines could be compromised by auditors is evidence they are indeed vulnerable to tampering. The voting machines audited would not be used in future elections, Hobbs said, but Arizona Republicans noted they would have been subjected to the inspection and certification process in place in the state.

Also, with respect to the routers subpoena, Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone has said law enforcement security would have been jeopardized, the Arizona Mirror reported.

Auditors argue the routers are critical to finishing a complete report on election vulnerabilities, but Maricopa County election officials say the voting machines were not connected to the internet.

According to CyFir CEO Ben Cotton, one of the subcontractors doing the audit, submitting the routers for inspection would not compromise security, according to the Mirror.

Maricopa County has cited “private information” as one of the reasons not to release the routers.

Even though the judge told the County to comply, they still haven’t sent the equipment.

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Allegedly, the audit should have been complete on May 14!

We have a short clip from Rumble below which discusses Maricopa County refusing to turn over the routers back in May (clearly not much has changed):

Is Maricopa County withholding the routers because they were, in fact, connected to the internet?

Is this the key to uncovering foreign election interference in the 2020 Presidential election?

Time will soon tell.


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