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Former NASCAR Driver Who Was At January 6th Rally To Run For Congress Against “Impeacher” Dan Newhouse


As a writer and content creator, I wear many hats. One of them is writing for this website for all you amazing patriots, something I consider an honor and a privilege.

I have also recently had the privilege of working on the Congressional campaign of another great patriot, Jerrod Sessler, who is running for Congress in Washington’s 4th district against Dan Newhouse, one of the RINOs that voted for Trump’s impeachment.

Mr. Sessler impressed me with his articulation of true American values, his faith in God, and his absolute hatred for the radical agenda of the Left, which is why I decided to support him.

I want to share with you this patriotic video that the Sessler campaign just released. It embodies what America has become and what we need to return her to.

Jerrod is a former NASCAR driver and businessman, who was actually at the DC rally on January 6th. He is planning to go to DC to help fight for those still in prison over charges there.

You can read the press release here:

June 24, 2021 Press Release – “I Was There”

Here’s a portion of it:

“I was there,” says Sessler. “I saw the events unfold first-hand, and they are not as the media has described it.”

The businessman and former NASCAR driver claims he saw paid activists inciting violence and attacking Trump supporters the night before the January 6th event.

Sessler plans to visit DC to do additional research into new evidence regarding the FBI’s alleged involvement in inciting the January 6th breach of the Capitol, and to support those defendants still awaiting trial for minor charges.

Additionally, Sessler is calling on Rep. Dan Newhouse of Washington’s 4th District to apologize for the shameless disregard of due process in his vote on the 2nd Impeachment and for supporting the extremist Democrat-sponsored Jan 6th Commission.

“I’m adding my voice to that of Congressman Matt Gaetz and others who are demanding the release of all the tapes surrounding Jan 6th, and so should Rep. Newhouse” says Sessler. “It’s time for the truth to come out once and for all.”

Sessler plans to reveal his entire experience at the January 6th peaceful protest in a 3 part, tell-all series to be released soon.

At a time in American history where you can be charged just for admitting you were at that rally, it takes courage to stand up and say that the account being told to the world is wrong.

In his blog, Jerrod shares some of the reasons he’s running:

Where are we now?

It’s been less than six months since the end of the Trump Presidency, but it feels like we have shifted a hundred years in the wrong direction.

We went from a border wall that was becoming more secure every day to the insane overflow that has resulted in children being packed into giant plastic cases – like little aluminum foil-wrapped packages – and human smugglers tagging their future slaves with wristbands. The first prayer said in Congress ended with an A-women. New gender laws mean that our daughters could be kicked off their high school sports teams by biological men, and our national debt has become a universal embarrassment.

 Our kids lost a year of school, putting them even further behind others throughout the world. Columbia University had segregated graduations (can anyone say, “Jim Crow?”) And, Big Tech silences every voice raised in opposition to this anti-American philosophy.

But hey, at least the new government has its priorities in order regarding the military, approving new “hairdo friendly” and maternity flight suits for the women and clear nail polish for the men.

After four years of positive America-style growth both morally and institutionally, with a long list of wins, peace deals, economic growth, energy independence, and increased border safety, this utter reversal is impossible to ignore.

And faced with the choice to crawl up in a ball and pretend that our country has turned into a racist, sexist, evil nation overnight or stand up and fight for the American values which have afforded me so much, I choose to do the latter.

In doing so, I understand that I am, once again, agreeing to stand in the firing line for my country— knowing that “cancel culture” with its pernicious, foam-at-the-mouth rage at everything good and decent is almost certainly coming for me.

Please consider supporting this patriot by following him on Twitter and other social media sites, giving to his campaign if you can, praying for him, and sharing his videos to bring awareness. We need people like him in Congress to bring back sanity to our nation.

I’d like to share one more video from the Sessler for Congress campaign with you. I’m sure you’ll agree that this is exactly the kind of leadership we need again in the Republican party.



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