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Democrat Candidate Threatens to Blow Up Bus: “I’m Muslim, I’m Covered. I Might Have a Bomb!”


A new video shows a Democrat candidate from the Seattle area threatening to blow up a school bus filled with children.

Make no mistake: this is violent extremism.

While Democrats and their allies in the media like to pretend that Republicans are the violent ones, this is yet more evidence of their own radicalism.

The video shows a woman by the name of Ubax Gardheere.

Gardheere is currently a leader in Seattle, but she is running to be on the King County Council.

Just imagine the media coverage if a Republican political candidate threatened to blow up a school bus filled with kids.

Don’t you think it would make the national news?

Don’t you think everyone on social media would be talking about it.

Well… so much for “white privilege.”

Because Gardheere has the privilege to get away with terrible words and intent that no Republican would be able to get away with.

There is video evidence of this horrifying incident.

View below:

You would think that such language would immediately disqualify someone from public office.

Yet she currently is a civil servant in Seattle.

And she is a favorite to win the election in King County, Washington.

Yahoo News reports that this incident came to light after court documents were unsealed:

A Seattle-area county council candidate once threatened to blow up a school bus and mocked the children who fled the vehicle as “cowards,” according to court documents.

Progressive candidate Ubax Gardheere is running for the King County Council in the Seattle, Washington area and has been endorsed by some local Democratic officials, including state Senator Rebecca Saldana, who said she “would follow Ubax anywhere.”

However, in 2010, Gardheere faced felony charges after she boarded a Highline School District bus making its morning rounds and demanded the driver inform his dispatch “that a national security incident was going on,” according to court documents reviewed by Fox News.

After demanding the driver send her message to dispatch, Gardheere – who is today the director of the Equitable Development Division in Seattle’s Office of Planning and Community Development – proceeded to verbally attack the Chinook Middle School students onboard the bus over America’s relationship with Somalia, according to court documents.

“More than one student reported her saying Americans were bad people,” the charges said, which also noted that “Gardheere was not the parent of any children on the bus.”

When the driver and students told Gardheere to get off the bus, the now-county council candidate told them multiple times that they needed to calm down because she could have a “bomb” and might have a gun, the documents show.

“You need to calm yourselves down ’cause I could have a bomb. Look how loose my clothes are,” Gardheere said, according to an audio recording of the incident described in court documents.

What is scary is how the people of Seattle and King County appear to still support Gardheere!

If you’ve wondered how the “Jihad Squad” (as MTG calls them) ever got elected to Congress, it’s because of crazy people.

Take a look at the social media posts from people in Seattle who plan on voting for Gardheere, including a major endorsement from The Urbanist.

Though the court documents were unsealed weeks ago, it wasn’t until the Post Millennial uncovered video evidence of the incident that the story started going viral:

Footage exclusively obtained by The Post Millennial shows progressive candidate for King County Council Ubax Gardheere threatening school children while claiming she may have a bomb or a gun and then calling them “cowards” as they flee from her.

Ubax Gardheere boarded the Highline School District bus on Jan. 12, 2010 as it was about to begin its morning route to Chinook Middle School. Gardheere can be seen walking on to the school bus filled with children. She tells the bus driver not to drive because “it’s a matter of national security.” She tells him the “bus is not leaving.” The driver then calls the police.

When the driver asks her if something happened to one of the kids, she says “if something happens it’s going to happen to you.”

Gardheere then tells school children she is wearing loose clothing and she might have a bomb or a gun. “Someone better get here real quick,” the bus driver exclaims. A heroic officer arrives and arrests her. Finally, as seen from the back of the bus, children flee out the back of the bus. Gardheere can be heard calling them “cowards” over and over again.

Deputy Prosecutor Gretchen Holmgren said students were afraid for their safety and as students fled through the rear emergency exit of the bus, Gardheere began screaming that they were “cowards” for abandoning their classmates.

Holmgren wrote the court, “While speaking with the middle school students, the defendant stated that she might have a bomb and might have a gun. When students attempted to escape out the back of the bus, she called them cowards and told them they would be responsible if something happened to their classmates. Several students believed she had a weapon of some kind and many feared for their lives.”

According to a detective with the King County, Gardheere told the arresting officer she was “prepared to die.” However, no weapons were found in her possession. She eventually pled the felony charges down to a gross misdemeanor before trial.

This behavior has not dampened her popularity within the Democratic party. Democrat State Senator Rebecca Saldana said in her endorsement of Gardheere, “I will follow Ubax anywhere.” Former radical Seattle City Council Member and activist Mike O’Brien called Gardheere “An amazing leader.” It is unclear if Saladana or O’Brien were aware of Gardheere’s bomb threats against children on a school bus when they gave their endorsements.

Ghardeere’s campaign has been boosted on social media by Riall Johnson and Prism Washington, both of which have a history of representing and promoting activist socialist candidates such as socialist Seattle City Council Member Tammy Morales, who advocated for riots during last summer’s unrest. Morales, even after the original story regarding Ghardeer went viral, still endorsed the candidate, as did another local progressive Varisha Khan of the Redmond City Council.

Perhaps the scariest part of this story is that it proves how radical the Democrat party has become.

Just a few years ago, people would have called this woman a “terrorist” or a “terrorist sympathizer” for using such barbaric language.

But she appears to now be the favorite to win an election in King County, Washington.

Elections have consequences, folks.

We must continue to fight (figuratively, of course) for election integrity and for true conservatives to win!

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