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Yes, I know Pistol Pete’s Beef Jerky Is Mostly Sold Out…More Is Coming!


I gotta hand it to you….readers of WeLoveTrump have GREAT taste!

And I mean that literally!

A few weeks ago, I brought you a new Deplorable Spotlight about Pete Santilli and his brand new company “Pistol Pete’s Beef Jerky”.

The Deplorable Spotlight is something I like to do whenever someone in our community is doing something awesome.

We’ve had people who have written books, made incredible paintings, all sorts of things.

I always say, the “Deplorables” have all the talent!

We create!

We build!

We make the world better.

So I featured Pete Santilli, the man behind Pistol Pete’s Beef Jerky.

You might recognize the name from the Pete Santilli Show, a very popular podcast focusing on President Trump, liberty and saving our Nation!

Pete and I have recently become friends and he has just launched Pistol Pete’s Beef Jerky!

This stuff is the real deal, made from his partner’s large cattle farm, and delicately hand crafted using fresh herbs and spices, this is some of the best beef jerky you will ever try!

It currently comes in five flavors:

Well no sooner than I featured Pistol Pete’s, you all did what you do and you gave him great support!

Which is easy to do in this case because the food is so delicious!

The BBQ Mesquite is by far my favorite flavor.  I have to cut myself off after one bag at a time!

Well, you all gave him so much support that 2 of the 5 flavors are now completely sold out:

Ok, that’s the bad news…..but the good news is that the cows continue to grow and make new cows and there is more on the way soon! 😂

The cattle herd is safe and sound and ready to become new beef jerky very soon!

Easy PETA, keep your hate mail I’m not going to read it.

This is America and in America we eat beef. 🐮

Real beef.

Not that synthetic crap Bill Gates wants to sell you.

And damn sure not the crickets the Deep State wants to make you start eating.

We like RED MEAT thank you very much and there’s nothing wrong with that!

So hang tight, more is coming and I’ll let you know when these two flavors are restocked.

In the meantime, the other 3 still have some in stock but those are low as well.

Here’s more about Pistol Pete’s:

Our passion for making the best meat snacks in the world is evident in every aspect of Pistol Pete’s Jerky. Each bag made in our partner’s beautiful production facility is carefully crafted to represent the ultimate achievement in premium, gourmet jerky.

Pistol Pete’s Jerky is made right here in America by Americans; for America! Pistol Pete’s Jerky is also a proud sponsor of The Pete Santilli Show.

Pistol Pete’s Jerky is on a mission to deliver 1 million U.S. Constitutions to our fellow Americans. For every order of Pistol Pete’s Jerky, we will ship 2 free U.S. Constitutions (autographed by Pete Santilli) – One for your to read from cover-to-cover, and the 2nd for you to give to a friend, family member, or even mail to your elected representatives.

Watch this for more, from Rumble:

Here’s the best part….

For readers of WeLoveTrump, Pete is doing Buy 1 Get 1 Free!

Plus….he is giving two Free Pocket U.S. Constitutions with every order and a free American flag sticker!

Check Availability Here:

Please support a fellow great Deplorable…..and let me know which flavor is your favorite!

Keep up the great work Pistol Pete!


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