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DEPLORABLE SPOTLIGHT: Max Simms, “When Good Men”


I always say the the “Deplorables” are some of the most talented people out there.

We actually contribute to society.

We create…

We make things better…

We add value.

And when we see a problem, we tackle it head on.

I also always say that if any of you reading WeLoveTrump have created something great, send it to me so I can spotlight it here.

I’m calling it a “Deplorable Spotlight”.

This article is NOT a paid advertisement.

In fact, I turned down a paid advertisement for this book because I wanted to do an article about it for free.

Max Simms (pen name for a loyal reader of WeLoveTrump) has written a book called When Good Men.

But here’s where it gets interesting…

The book is a mission against human trafficking and child sex trafficking.

As is often the best method, it wouldn’t be real effective to just print a bunch of statistics and try to convince people of the problem….it’s often much better to get the message out there through art.  In this case, through a fictional novel that tells a thriller of a story.

Here’s how Max described it to me:

I spent several years researching and interviewing therapists, dozens of case studies of children who were victims of Satanic ritual abuse (mostly multi-generational), mind control resulting in dissociative identity disorder. I took all that I learned and put my research into a fictional account of which average people would be able to relate to. A book that exposes the cabal but in a way that is not too graphic for the sensitive, a novel that will not bring nightmares but bring awareness… it was a tough balance. My book is a supernatural thriller, and the setting is in the Lakes Region of NH; a beautiful setting contrasting with the evil undergrounds. There is a lot going on this book, as there is a lot going on in todays world.

Destroying the evils of satanic ritual abuse and child sex trafficking are two missions President Trump has worked tirelessly on and for good reason.

So when I saw that was the mission behind this book, I knew it was something I could get behind.

Here is a summary from the book jacket:

Above ground is a quaint, small Village in New England, set aside a big lake surrounded by picturesque mountains. Underground, is a world of dark and evil connections; channels that lead from hotels to churches, from lodges to orphanages – a place where innocence enter and predators depart.
Chase Manning is an honest, hardworking man, respected in the Village by those closest to him, but he has a secret.
Tsar has come from Germany, from a place in Chase Manning’s past. He has come to expose Manning’s secret and to steal his life. Set between them is a woman that one man loves and the other man takes.
Young Francine tries to protect the man she loves; a man who harbors mysteries and secrets like a lava-filled mountain ready to spew its destruction on all in its fiery path.
One secret leads to another, and to another, and another, until the link of secrets reaches far beyond the Village, spiraling into a worldwide conspiracy known as the NETWORK.
In a few short days, her eyes are open to the invisible evil she has danced with all her life. Following a trail to expose the truth behind her lover’s torment, leads young Francine into a blood-dripping devil’s pit. Her punishment is death! For the NETWORK has only one fear – exposure.
The NETWORK’s ultimate goal is to covertly usher in the One World Order, and they are certain not to underestimate the power of praying saints. But can the prayers of a God-fearing grandmother and an estranged Christian father, save their children and overpower the most fearsome organization that has ever – or will ever – walk the earth?

..When Good Men..

A story based on true case studies and this book is dedicated to them. The Survivors.

The book is available at multiple places so you can choose who you want to do business with:

Here are some of the published reviews:

What a good book! I need mooooooore! I am still processing it…I was kind of shocked at the end with KC. Now I am wondering what’s real and what’s not…and how deep all of this goes. I went to bed and had dreams about it because I was still like what in the heck just happened!? It all played out in my head like watching a movie. Every time I thought I knew what was going on Something changed.

– Kayla

Your book is riveting….I am about Chapter 20 and will finish it while on the trip. Your writing is excellent….very descriptive! As a reader, I am feeling the anxiety of the subjects as you develop the story line. I can’t wait to be on the ship where I have time to read without putting it down until it is finished.

– Walt

I loved the characters. The plot was incredibly creative and the ending was stunning! How long until Book 2 is on the market?

– Walt

Riveting and suspenseful, this book is a nonstop page turner that will keep you on the edge of your seat. One of the great reads of the year!

– Martha

There is a lot going on in this small village in New England. I finished the book a few days ago and took some time to take everything in, which was a lot. This book is crazy. It is twisted. It is a great suspenseful thriller.

The Network (a secret society) has integrated itself into a small town unbeknownst to most of the local’s knowledge. What a great background for secrets and hidden identities. Chase and Frankie were likeable characters (though their stubbornness got to me in parts) and hold their own secrets, which come out in ways that you least suspect. Every time, I thought I knew how things would turn out; a curveball was thrown and kept me on my toes.

I really enjoyed this book and read it quickly. Can’t wait for book 2!

– Noel

The conclusion of my reading “When Good Men” was far different then what I’d expected when I started this book. The cover design suggests something sinister is behind that door, and there certainly was but it’s not what I thought it’d be when I started the first chapter. The author brings you into the simple and ordinary lives of the characters, and by way of suspense and mystery, peels back the layers and complexities one by one. What starts out as a typical life-long rival between the Chief of Police and a Villager, turns into a world-wide scheme, reaching into the near future leading to the One World Order. I read this 200,000+ word book in 10 days and at the end of my read, I wanted to know more about this story and this author so I went back and read closely the title page to find that these fictional characters were actually based on true stories and research. Then, I read closely the dedication page. Now, I see this world a bit differently. This is the most creative and entertaining work that I’ve read in a very long time. Well done, Max Simms. I look forward to the rest of the journey.

– Riley

Did I just read what I thought I read? Is this how the book really ends or is that a typo? OMG! Really? Wow!

Its ******* brilliant!

A cross between Ted DekKer’s “Three” and Frank Perritti’s “Visitation”

– Allen

Coming from a small town in New England myself, I was immediately drawn to this book. I’ve always loved reading stories that occur in my area, and the author does an incredible job describing the beautiful region that I call home. This book has a little of everything for everyone. Whether you are into thrillers, the supernatural, romance, or action, it has it all. I especially loved that it was based on true life cases. Not only will you love the characters, but you will get totally immersed in their lives and storyline. You will find that it’s hard to put this book down, because you get so attached to them and have to know their fate! You will love this book! I was on the edge of my seat while reading and couldn’t wait to find out how it ended. It was worth every minute! There are lots of twists and turns, and the ending will blow your mind!

– Janie

The setting in New England was a fabulous start. Then the book started branching out and I fell in love with the characters. And all the while, as I am following the adventures of these engaging and adventurous characters; I get blind-sided by what the writer was building in the back ground, the story behind the story! And the ending? I swear, I never saw it coming. I hope there’s a book two and book three!

– Jesse

As I said at the beginning, this is not a paid advertisement.

I make $0 whether you purchase the book or not.

I just really appreciated the mission behind the book and I always love to spotlight the great things the Deplorables are doing whenever I can.

So great work Max!



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