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Cuomo Challenges Twitter Users to Prove He’s Biased, So They Do


Chris Cuomo is a walking punchline at this point.

He constantly ignores facts, exaggerates stories, and flat out lies on a consistent basis.

Cuomo is so blinded by his own over-inflated ego however, that he still perpetrates the lie that he reports the truth.

On Thursday, Cuomo engaged his critics on Twitter, challenging them to “name one” instance where he showed his bias.

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Needless to say, Twitter users named several, making Cuomo look like the fool he truly is.

Cuomo clearly bit off more than he could chew with this challenge, as the New York Post reports:

Don’t ask a question when you may not like the answer.

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo learned that lesson the hard way Thursday, as Twitter users proved all too willing to point out examples of biased and unethical behavior by the “Cuomo Prime Time” host.

The trouble began for Cuomo after he decided to confront a social media critic who told him “you constantly deny facts you dont [sic] like.”

“Name one?” Cuomo asked, adding: “Tick tock.”

Twitter users obliged the anchor’s request, with some listing several offenses.

“You broke quarantine while actually sick with COVID,” recalled Post columnist Karol Markowicz.

Indeed, Cuomo got in hot water in April of last year — days after announcing he had tested positive for COVID-19 — when a Hamptons cyclist called him out for violating rules against unnecessary travel set out by his brother, Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The week after the heated confrontation with the cyclist (who claimed Cuomo told him, “Who the hell are you?! I can do what I want!”), the anchor staged what he called his “official re-entry” from his basement, having been purportedly “cleared by the CDC.”

“Anything that has to do with your brother?” chimed in Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean, a persistent critic of Andrew Cuomo.

Something tells me this didn't go the way that Cuomo had hoped.

The Blaze with more on the Twitter user who set Cuomo's challenge into motion:

After the tongue lashing President Joe Biden gave CNN's Kaitlan Collins for her Vladimir Putin question earlier this week — for which Biden later apologized — far-left actress Rosanna Arquette was in no mood to make nice with the media.

Instead, she tweeted that the president was "right to lose his patience with a journalist or any journalist who tries to twist his words. Calling that crap out is the way forward. Enough bulls**t. The truth and nothing but the truth."

With that CNN's Chris Cuomo replied to Arquette that the "problem is truth is now at the mercy of what people want to be true. If you don't like isn't the truth."

That apparently was too much to take for another Twitter user, who promptly called out Cuomo: "The story of your life, you constantly deny facts you don't like."

Other Twitter Users Gave More Examples of Cuomo's Biases


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