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56-Year Old Greek Woman Passes Away Within Minutes of Receiving 2nd Dose of Experimental Pfizer COVID-19 Jab


It’s not just the United States where shocking cases of deaths are being reported shortly after receiving the experimental COVID-19 vaccine.

In one of the more startling cases, a 56-year old woman in Greece had a catastrophic reaction minutes after receiving the experimental jab.

It’s believed she possibly suffered a heart attack and collapsed within 10 minutes of the injection.

The woman had comorbidities and potentially had allergies, indicators that warranted further investigation to determine if she could safely receive any kind of medical treatments.

But when the experimental jab comes before individual health, these tragic events will happen.

It’s nothing short of medical tyranny and crimes against humanity.

Greek Reporter had the story:

A 56-year-old Greek woman died at Kalavryta Hospital just a few minutes after her second dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

The middle-aged woman, who was vaccinated during her 10:00 AM appointment in the morning of Friday at the hospital was pronounced dead just a few minutes after she received her second inoculation with the Pfizer coronavirus inoculation.

As is normal procedure, the woman was sitting in a separate area while she was monitored for negative developments that can occur after the vaccine administration.

Just ten minutes after she was vaccinated, she complained of a “burning” pain in her chest and her back, and collapsed.

Doctors on the scene tried to revive the woman, and even to intubate her, but stopped their frantic efforts one hour after she collapsed.

Woman may have suffered a heart attack, pulmonary edema

Reports say that it is possible that she had suffered a heart attack, along with pulmonary edema, or a filling of the lungs with fluid. There was no positive response from any of the hour-long efforts to resuscitate her.

The 57-year-old also reportedly suffered from underlying diseases. The medical examiner’s office, which is now conducting a thorough review of her case, will disclose their findings at a later date.

The woman’s death is particularly poignant since she and her husband had moved from the capital city of Athens to the village of Kertezi, Kalavrita, in order to feel safer during the pandemic.

She and her husband had left their permanent residence in Athens an entire year ago and had moved to the house they kept in Kertezi, in order to live in what they considered an environment that would allow them to avoid becoming infected.

Vaccine given to woman who was known to suffer from allergies

According to Greek press reports, the 56-year-old had already lost one of her two children in a car accident several years ago.

An unidentified resident of the small village spoke to interviewers from the Patras Times, saying “At the moment I am in the hospital in Kalavrita. Here they say that the woman left from an allergic shock, but we will wait for the official announcements.”

The woman was said to have had allergies, but the authorities “did not manage to offer her the slightest help,” according to the report.

She had two children, one of whom she had lost in a car accident and the other lived on Cyprus.

“We are all shocked. People left Athens a year ago, where they lived permanently to protect themselves from the coronavirus and now that has happened. Her husband is from Kertezi, in fact they had decided to stay here permanently.

“Unfortunately, the woman passed away at a young age, and unjustly.”

Back in the United States, the latest VAERS Report indicated a total of 5,993 deaths following injections of the experimental COVID-19 jabs.

A reminder that only around 1% of reactions get tallied to the report.

Yet, you’ll get called selfish and a science-denier for not putting your health at risk by injecting an experimental vaccine into your body.

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