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Biden Embarrassingly Uses a List of People to Call on for Questions


Every day Biden spends in Geneva is another day the world gets to see his “leadership”.

As we noted earlier this week with Biden’s flashcards, he clearly needs help.

While Trump was always ready for any question or comment that flew his way, Biden needs prescribed questions with rehearsed answers.

He apparently also needs a list of people to call on for questions!

During a speech about infrastructure and cyberattacks on Wednesday, Biden turned to his “list” for the question portion. 

Here is what Biden had to say:

I’ll take your questions and as usual folks they gave me a list of the people I am going to call on.

President Trump never used a list, and he took as many questions as possible!

And the big question everyone deserves to know: who is “they” when Biden says they gave him a list?

Who is running Biden and the shadow government?

Here is the clip of Biden’s statement about the list of reporters from Hannity on Rumble:


Biden has a clear lack of ability to answer spontaneous questions.

When Biden was confronted with a “tough” question on Monday, he scolded the media to give him a break!

Are Biden’s outbursts and gaffes a sign of mental decline, or a sign he isn’t the true commander in chief?

The Express has more on Biden’s media meltdown:


Mr Biden was asked why he had kept former President Donald Trump’s steel and aluminium sanctions and how that was being received by international leaders.

Mr Biden then barked back he had only been President for 120 days and to “give him a break.”

Before taking the question, President Biden said: “I’m going to get in trouble with my staff but go ahead.

“Pretend that I didn’t answer you.”

The reporter said: “You have repeatedly said that America is back.

“At the same time, you have kept in play some Trump-era steel and aluminium sanctions.

“I wanted to ask you, when you are having these conversations with European allies who are very concerned about these sanctions, how do you justify that?”

Mr Biden interrupted to say: “120 days, give me a break, need time.

Come on, Man!

If President Trump ever responded like Biden, the media would be all over the story.

The Washington Free Beacon put together a video with Biden’s gaffes from the G7 Summit. 

You have to watch the montage for yourself to see what a train wreck this week has been:

How long Biden can stick to the script is up for debate.

But one thing is for certain- Biden can’t hold a candle to President Trump!



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