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Biden Needs Talking Point Flash Cards: “Trump Abused Power/Trump DOJ Out of Control”


What’s more infuriating?

The fact that Joe Biden needs talking point flash cards in order to speak with the media?

Or the fact that those fact cards are filled with anti-Trump talking points?

It’s no secret that Biden’s handlers want to keep him away from the press.

The man is hardly capable of stringing together unscripted sentences.

Any time he’s without a teleprompter, he is prone gaffe.

So if he can’t have a teleprompter, his handlers decided that he should use talking point note cards instead.

The cameras at Biden’s latest “press conference” snapped a picture of the card.

What was on it?

The flash card read:

Trump abused power/Trump DOJ out of control

Well, isn’t that rich for irony.

Trump made sure that the government worked for the American people, whereas the Biden regime is weaponizing the DOJ to punish Trump supporters.

Jan 6 prisoners, for example, are being kept in solitary confinement.

Many have been denied due process, as they are being prohibited from even speaking with an attorney.

Others have been beaten close to the point of death inside maximum security D.C. prisons.

All of this is happening to American citizens under Biden’s DOJ… and yet that man has the audacity to claim that Trump was out of control?

As Joe would say: Give me a break, man! Are you on crack?

See the talking point flash card below:

Did Trump need flash cards?


Because he spoke the truth and spoke from the heart.

If you do that, you don’t need a script to tell you what to say!

A local CBS affiliate confirms the Trump-bashing flash card:

President Biden spoke with the press Sunday in Cornwall, England before departing for Brussels, Belgium.

During his closing remarks, the President fidgeted with his “talking points” flashcards, revealing some of the preplanned responses to reporters’ questions, including possible responses to questions regarding the Department of Justice.

This after the DOJ’s inspector general said it is investigating the Trump administration secretly obtaining phone records from some House Democrats.

This is the first time that Biden has been spotted with flash cards.

It is likely because he strayed from the script.

His handlers likely thought that giving him flash cards would help keep him on narrative.

This is nothing new.

Even when he was vice president, Biden was chided for attempting to go off-the-cuff.

His aides were furious, according to an email sent to Hunter Biden.

Just the News confirms:

President Joe Biden has never been accused of having a gilded tongue. In fact, he once referred to himself as a “gaffe machine.”

But after a meandering speech in summer 2015, his top aides let loose their frustrations in a private communication to the then-vice president’s son Hunter.

“He just couldn’t end the speech,” senior White House aide Gregory Schultz exclaimed to the VP’s youngest son, in apparent disbelief.

The newly surfaced email, recovered by Just the News from a laptop Hunter Biden left behind at a Delaware repair shop and later turned over to the FBI, provides a rare glimpse into the Biden inner circle’s efforts to corral the oft-bumbling, gaffe-prone speechmaker.

“He went off script almost every 2 to 3 paragraphs, and did all the self-referential stuff we cut out,” Biden speech writer Vinay Reddy wrote in frustration, attaching the final transcript of Joe Biden’s July 16, 2016 speech to the Generation Progress annual convention in Washington D.C.

Reddy appeared to be particularly concerned that the vice president had ad-libbed remarks slamming Democrats for their reliance on dark money, just as the 2016 presidential race was heating up.

“This speech was pretty much everywhere, including why the Democratic Party should look to itself in curbing dark money ‘not that I am talking about any particular person,'” Reddy lamented.

The email string also reveals that Hunter Biden — struggling with drug addiction, a crumbling marriage and a Ukraine business controversy — apparently weighed in on his father’s speech draft.

“Hey Hunter — I know you were involved on this a little bit — so wanted to pass along from Vinay (speech writer),” Schultz wrote the Biden son. “Went great……and then he just couldn’t end the speech.”

Biden’s rhetorical ad-libbing continues to get him in trouble, even now as the 46th president.

He was sharply criticized late last month for “creepy” comments during a Memorial Day weekend speech where he went off script to make comments about the 7-year-old daughter of a veteran.

“I love those barrettes in your hair,” Biden said to the child in the audience. “Man, I’ll tell you what, look at her. She looks like she’s 19 years old sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed.”

No wonder Biden’s aides want him to stick to the script!

Now the question is: how long will he mentally be capable of doing so?

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