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Red States Just Got $26.8 Billion Richer, Here’s How


It never takes a rocket scientist to figure these things out.

I am talking about the effects of high taxation, high regulation, and authoritarian culture which are all hallmarks of Democrat ran states, or those who lean left.

People vote with their feet when push comes to shove, and these blue states have done far too much shoving, and it seems like it will only get worse.

If you aim to make life unlivable for your people, they will leave.

The solution to this in left wing communist countries is to make sure that they can’t leave by setting up the country as a large open air concentration camp like in North Korea.

In a free society though, people have the option of going wherever they please, so if you pass ridiculous laws, drive up the cost of living, and make the lives of people difficult, they will leave for greener pastures, or in this case red pastures.

Take a look:

NTD News reports:

IRS data tracking state-to-state migration shows that blue states saw a net outflow of hundreds of thousands of taxpayers who took nearly $27 billion in taxable gross income with them to red states.

The most recent IRS migration data shows that in the years 2017-2018, a net 399,892 taxpayers and their dependents left blue states—in this case defined as those in which both the state House and Senate are Democrat-controlled.

The figures are based on 2018-2019 tax returns and exemptions, reflecting 2017-2018 state-to-state flows of people. The IRS considers tax returns a proxy for households, while exemptions are a good approximation for the number of individual taxpayers and their dependents.

The nearly 400,000 taxpayers and dependents—a little over .1 percent of the U.S. population—who left blue states took with them a net $26.8 billion in taxable adjusted gross income to red states.

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Greg Gutfeld of Fox News doesn’t think the exodus is all good news though:

But this mass exodus from blue to red raises the key question. How much aggravation will this migration bring to the resident population? What do these new neighbors bring with them, besides their “arms are made for hugging” bumper stickers and their hankering for responsibly raised chicken?

Well, they’re used to being taxed. California has the highest income tax rate in America, at 13.3 percent. All of it goes to Gavin Newsome’s hair products. God forbid a duck ever gets stuck in that mess. They’re also used for anti-gun laws that prevent you from protecting your family. As crime soars in Manhattan, and police are making fewer arrests, I still can’t get a gun for my apartment. And I’m a huge star on basic cable who gets death threats. Mostly from Tyrus when he catches me trying on his pants.

Now, compare that to the places they’re moving to. Florida, Texas and Tennessee have no income tax. No income tax. I don’t even know what that’s like. It must be like doing a wonderful drug! Meanwhile, Texas lawmakers just approved a measure allowing people to carry handguns without a license. Fact check me on this: but I believe even your gun is required to wear a smaller gun. So you have more money in your pocket, and basically, people leave you alone purely for safety reasons. That’s heaven: the opposite of a blue state.


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